Darsheel Safary: The Child Artist – Will he continue on his success path? Originally published on 28th May 2008)

Darsheel the successful child artist of Taare Zameen Par, currently is in demand and has signed for a couple of more movies. He is in demand now, Ganesha thus wishes to know and let know how will be his success in the coming years as an actor.

Born on 9th March 1996, Darsheel has the following planetary positions.

Planet Sign
Sun Aquarius
Moon Libra
Mars Aquarius
Mercury Aquarius
Venus Aries
Jupiter Sagittarius
Saturn Pisces
Rahu Virgo
Ketu Pisces

At the outset one finds that neither Mercury nor Venus are in any such strong position as per signs to make such a successful actor.

True, but on studying the planets in Navamsa, D-9, Ganesha observes that Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in dual signs, signs of higher intelligence and communication than the other 10 signs. Additionally, Mars is in the Navamsa sign of Venus along with Sun. This leads to the acting profession of glamour and success.

Considering Aquarius Sun sign horoscope, when the film was released, transiting Jupiter was over its natal position, eleventh from the sun sign, indicating success.

This was all fine to lay the basis why he was successful, now looking far into the future, Ganesha observes that while transiting Saturn is opposite to his natal Sun and Jupiter is in conjcuntion and then sextile to its natal position, he will continue getting films and success, if the same are released within this period, which is till the end of 2009.

After that, though Darsheel will remain in the news and papers, he may not be a successful actor and may not maintain the same level of recognition.

Ganesha is happy to know that he has kept his first interest as studies and not films.

May Lord Ganesha bless him

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

This article was posted on 30th May 2008 on the world wide web.


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