Dus Ka Dum Season 2 (article earlier posted on the WWW on 25th May 2009)

Introduction  Bitth Data DOB – 30th May 2009 TOB – 2100 POB – Mumbai


Astro Analysis

Guru the lord of the ascendant is sextile to the ascendant, which brings good potential for success.

Guru is in exact conjcuntion with Neptune, indicating financial riches

Mangal the lord of the fifth house of creativity is Swagruhi in the fifth house lending a good hand to creativity.

Mangal is in applying trine to the ascendant, which is a marvelous aspect for new angles to the show.

Moon as the lord of the eighth house of evil is in applying trine to the ascendant, which is dampening.


The show will be an instant success.

There shall be new elements added with respect to Celebrity Guests and themes as well as promotional activities.

The show will bring in lots of fiscal gains to the producers and also bring tons of TRPs.

The show but again this time too seems to be a short lived one. The process may start sooner that expected, but it shall still not be a looser.

Wishing Dus Ka Dum Season 2 all the best and definitely to Salman Khan.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

This article was published on the internet on 25th May 2009


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