Fears and Rumours of US Recession (Originally published on 8th August 2011)

With the current fears of US still reeling under recession, leading to depression in the global stock markets, Mahaveer takes a look at what is this, why it is so and when will it end.

Mahaveer has used the Indian Vedic system to read the US chart.

Birth Date – 4th July 1776

Birth Time – 16:50

Birth Place – Philadelphia

Notice that Jupiter the lord of the second house of wealth, finances and cash flows as well as the lord of the fourth house of immovable properties and fixed assets, is currently in applying  inconjunction to natal Saturn, a natural malefic planet. Secondly, transitting Jupiter is also in applying inconjunction to transitting Shani/Saturn. Thirdly, transitting Jupiter is in applying inconjunction to transitting Rahu. Fourthly, transitting Jupiter is also square to natal Rahu. Fifth point, Transitting Saturn is also square to the cusp of the second house of finances of US.

We all know that Rahu stands for damage, danger, destroying. Saturn, is a restrictive, limiting planet. Hard aspects like square and inconjunction create crisis situations, frictions, uncontrolled or uncontrollable factors going out of hand.

When the finances point of USA (Jupiter and the second house of USA) has so many negative influences to it, it is apparent that USA would face  some fiscal crisis of a grave nature.

The good news though is, that the depth of the crisis is not much as Jupiter is passing through its compatible sign Mesh/Aries. Jupiter being a planet is more compatible with Aries and its other trine signs, Leo and Saggittarius. Thus it is protective quarters, only hindered by the aspects formed.

The end of the feared US crisis is just round the corner with a few months to spare and before we celebrate this Christmas.

But is it truly so? Is there something more to this than is seen by the naked eye? Is this the beginning of a new world order? Are staring at a long term crisis and restructuring of the monetary systems? Does the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 has anything to do with this, and not with geographical or natural calamity?

Mahaveer’s thoughts on this as under.

In December 2012, Pluto will come exactly opposite to USA’s natal Jupiter. Pluto is a planet signifying restructuring on a shallow pane and rebirth on a more spiritual plane, after revolutionary disruptions and damage. Pluto’s opposition to USA’s natal Jupiter has already entered the orb, thus we have started feeling the tremors.

Note that in December 2012, transitting Jupiter will be

1. in conjunction with USA’s natal Uranus (this calls for innovation in economic policies, restructuring of financial outlays and budgets)

2. in inconjunct aspect with transitting Pluto, (which is already opposite to natal Jupiter)

3. in inconjunct aspect with transitting Saturn/Shani.

The above configuration coupled with USA having a new birth (as per the Vimshottari Dasha system) of 120 years, in 2016 USA begins a new cycle of 120 years), with added flavours of natal Uranus also having inconjunct aspects from transitting Pluto and Saturn, Mahaveer is assured that we are staring or heading to either a crisis or a worldwide reform and restructuring, but at a slow pace now, which picks up by the third quarter of 2012.

So what’s the advise? be invested in Gold and silver as well as new energy stocks, tech companies, metal and mining as well as cash.

Mahaveer’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

This article was first published on the internet on 8th August 2011


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Rikhav Khimasia