What is Amy Winestone's Problem? (first published on the internet on 1st July 2008)


Amy Winehouse is the name which needs no introduction. Her commercially and critically acclaimed debut album ‘Frank’ did well in her native Britain. She is  an English R&B vocalist and a songwriter. She was in the news because of her drug and alcohol addiction. It was confirmed, in June 2008 that Winehouse had developed early signs of what could lead to emphysema.

Ganesha with his astrological stethoscope tries to predict the state of her health.

Birth data

Date of Birth:– September 14, 1983

Place:– Southgate, England

Time:– Unknown

Astrological Analysis:

As her time of birth is not known Ganesha has cast her Natal Sun Chart. The Sun chart is based on Indian Vedic system.

Lungs have been considered to be ruled by Gemini as per the natural Zodiac. Ganesha observes that there is no malefic planet in Gemini in Amy’s Natal Sun Chart. On the other hand, Budha (Mercury) the Lord of Gemini is exalted which definitely leads Ganesha to feel that she is not suffering from TB.

Now What?

Well, if she does not have TB, what actually is the problem? This is the persistent question. Well, let us see what’s strong and weak in her chart.

Ummm, both Mars and Moon are debilitated (Neecha). There’s a stellium of four planets in her fourth house of Natal Sun Chart. Moon is in conjcuntion with Ketu(Dragon’s Tail), a natural baleful planet.

So what is the conclusion of this observation? Well, Moon is the Lord of the natural fourth house of the heart and it being debilitated and in conjunction with Ketu, indicates that her heart has some problems. On the other hand, the dispositor of Moon is placed in Moon’s own sign Cancer and gets debilitated there in, leading again to think and believe that her heart is afflicted.

One would now naturally ask, what about the stellium in her fourth house of Natal Sun Chart? The reason behind is that the house in which the stellium is posited is of importance in her life. So the organ heart is important for her as heart related issues are seen from the fourth house in which the stellium is.

As the Lord of the house of the stellium is Mars and which is debilitated and the dispositor of Mars is debilitated  as well as in conjunction with Ketu, malefic issues related to the organ heart may be in the fore in her life. This is one more Broken Feather!!! in her cap which insists Ganesha to firmly believe that she has a heart disease.


Finally, what is it? To sum up, Ganesha feels that Amy Winehouse does not have TB or anything major to do with lungs, that’s the first part while the second part is that she may have some issues related to heart and may probably have to be operated upon.

Wishing her good health

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

Description: Amy Winehouse, the famous singer of ‘Rehab’, had collapsed in her North London home in Camden on June 16, 2008. Doctors feel that she might be suffering from TB. Ganesha with his astrological stethoscope tries to predict her health.

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