Five Planets in Cancer – Moon, Sun,Mercury, Ketu, Venus Effect on 12 Signs (published on 8th July 2008 on the internet)

From 1355 hours on 31st July 2008 to 1217 hours on 1st August 2008 there will be a stellium of Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ketu in Cancer.

This is a good phenomena in the heavens as there is a notion and belief that such stelliums usually have a greater influence on people.

Ganesha hereunder provides the influences of this stellium to each Moon Sign.

Other natal and transiting planetary aspects as well as your personal horoscope may have a differential influence on the level of impact of this transit.

Cancer Moon Signs will have this in the first house and will express themselves by being the first and foremost, setting a trend for the day with astounding burst of energy. Theirs will be a transmittable energy stimulating others to perform and take action. They will be most comfortable working on their own and being independent on this day. Possibly they will have good sales on this day or may have a good lead.
Gemini Moon Signs will have this in the second house which may give them a strong drive to own and enjoy all things material on this day. Geminis will need to amass fine-looking objects and communicate as well be together with beautiful people. They will be committed to beauty, expensive possessions, and sensuous things such as good food, massages, and nice clothes and spend on all this in this day.
Taurus Moon Signs will have this in the third house, which can give them a great mental agility and vast intellectual curiosity. Many of you will probably join classes for foreign languages. The rigid fixed Taurean will be alert, quick, witty, and have many different ideas at least on this day. They will be fun to be around with and will be so clever with words that hilarity seems to queue up with them on this day. The flipside is that their personalities may change every other hour at the drop of a hat.
Aries Moon Signs will have this in the fourth house, thus Ganesha feels that they will  normally exaggerates the emotional nurturing qualities and become overly sensitive. On this day all Ariens will have a great discernment and sympathetic side for other people and will be able to lead others by having a great instinctive understanding of others.

Pisces Moon Signs will have this in the fifth house giving them a theatrical, dramatic flair for the day with a strong proclivity towards pleasure. They will like attention in this day, and will want to shine, and be the dramatic figure for the day. If need be, they have to jive on a tabletop or buy everybody drinks, they will do it. They will be generous, warm, and romantic today.
Aquarius Moon Signs will have this in the sixth house which can make them workaholics for this day at least. They will be persnickety, good with details, and precisely analytical. On this day all Aquarians will be mostly feisty, witty, and clever players with words and language.
Capricorn Moon Signs will have this in the seventh house, which will shower them with incredible dexterity and subtlety. The truth is that most of them today will lead by manipulation. They will be in a complete state of balance and be able to see and agree to both sides.
Sagittarius Moon Signs will have this in the eighth house giving them intensity and magnetism. Strong influences of this great stellium on this day will create some of the most focused energies for these people whom you will ever meet again for the rest of their lives or say yours. They will have channel apparition about their goals and may be most of them on this day will be able to either find out their goal in life or will find the path to their achieve their reason for life.
Scorpio Moon Signs will have this in the ninth house making them idealistic and seeker of knowledge and the truth for this day. These people will be lucky, sanguine, in no doubt, cheerful, carefree, outgoing, and have lots of energy.
Libra Moon Signs will have this in the tenth house inclining them to be the boss, the one naturally in charge, for the day. Some of them may be called a leader of may be awarded a title or a presidency of anything on this day. They may be wanting status, position, and respect today.

Virgo Moon Signs will have this in the eleventh house which will force them to express as having a tremendous need for freedom and independence. Typically, they will be unique today, distinctive, cause-oriented, and exuberant, but they will still tend to be loners. Today all Virgos may have weird ideas. They may also buy antiques.
Leo Moon Signs will have this in the twelfth house making them sensitive, and intuitive. These people can, however, also become martyrs and sacrificial victims today. They may often feel sorry for themselves and possibly pull others around them down. They have to guard against being taken advantage of and giving and doing too much for others when it is no longer warranted.

Wishing you all a good period and life.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

The GaneshaSpeaks Team


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