Is Katrina Kaif Marrying in 2012? Will it happen? (originally published on 26th Jan 2010 in

Katrina Kaif the new hot actress on the scene with many films in her kitty and a large fan following of mostly males, a charmer with her patent smile, recently disclosed that she will marry in 2012. This article is an exercise into her Vedic Indian Sun Sign Horoscope looking for issues and predictions related to her marriage.

DOB – 16th July 1984

TOB – unknown (Surya Kundali – Sun Sign Horoscope)

POB – London UK


Assuming that in 2010 and 2011 Kat finally decides on whom she will marry, first lets look at the possible times when she is most likely to wear the gown in 2012.

Saturn is the lord of the sign which is seventh from her Sun Sign. Saturn thus commands her marriage matters. Jupiter being the natural significator of marriage for ladies and Venus being the natural universal significator of marriage plus the dispositor of her natal Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn will indicate many things about her marriage.

In January 2012, I find that, transiting Saturn and transiting Jupiter aspect each other. Transiting Saturn is in applying conjunction to her natal Saturn. Transiting Jupiter is in applying opposition to her natal Saturn. Transiting Saturn aspects natal Venus. Transiting Venus will be in a trine aspect to natal and transiting Saturn. Transiting Venus will be in a sextile aspect to natal and transiting Jupiter.

In June and July 2012, note that transiting Jupiter will pass over natal Rahu (Dragon’s Head – Moon’ North Node). Transiting Rahu and transiting Jupiter will aspect each other. Rahu is the lord of the Nakshatra (Asterism/Star) in which her Natal Saturn is posited in. Rahu too thus has a role to play in her marriage. Transiting Venus in the same period will pass over natal Rahu and will be in conjunction with transiting Jupiter while in opposition to transiting Rahu.

In the light of the above observations only I strongly feel that she will marry in January/June/July of 2012.

There are other concerns too, on which I will write later on. In fact I would like it, if you mail me your concerns about Katrina Kaif’s marriage, the majority mails will be serviced first.

Wishing Kat good luck

Mahaveer’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

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