Kamal Hassan 2009 Reading for India Journal USA (published in India Journal-23 October 2008)

Kamal Hassan’s Sun Chart

DOB – 7th November 1954

TOB –  Unknown

POB – Paramagudi (Tamil Nadu) India

Astrological Analysis

Shani the lord of his fifth house of creativity will be opposite to its own house in conjcuntion with Pluto another modern time planet for strangeness. Transiting Shani will aspect natal Shani too.

Ketu a malefic and separative planet will pass through his tenth house of career and be square to natal Shani.

Moon the lord of his tenth house of career will be under the aspect of transiting Ketu, and Jupiter the dispositor of Moon will be debilitated in its transit, and be in conjunction with transiting Rahu. Transiting Ketu will be in conjcuntion with natal Jupiter.

Based on the above planetary positions, his coming year reading is as follows.

He has reached a peak in his career and should take every opportunity to strengthen his professional position. He will work harder and shoulder more responsibility, which will prove good for him in the future.


During this period he will strive to establish emotional contact with others. Women, in particular, can be influential in hislife at this time. Family ties may dominate his thoughts now – there could be a coming together of family members or a drifting apart.

Whatever his lifestyle, he will have to work harder for success now. This is a time for taking stock of things and cutting back. If he maintains faith in his abilities, exercise patience and perseverance, proceed with caution then he will be successful and survive this year or else there may be many failures. Money will be tighter. This is not a particularly good time to change projects. If he feels dissatisfied with his current projects, taking up a new one will not alleviate the dissatisfaction. Instead, he is advised to wait until the end of 2009 and review his circumstances then. Nothing seems to happen quickly enough. However, successes are possible now through hard work and self-discipline.

He may change residences in 2009

He will be aware of a pronounced desire to assert himself and to get ahead in life – even if it pitches him against the expectations and beliefs of others. He will have strong ambitions and newer creative projects and ideas at this time, but needs to keep things in perspective. Compulsive behaviour and power plays are common and people in positions of power, could make his life difficult. Also, there can be the tendency to become zealous or obsessed with an idea, which can lead to arguments with others or cause to lose sight of whom or what is important. Positively, he may demonstrate a capacity for leadership and organisation – an ability to step in and take charge of situations.

2009 seems to be a turning point in his life with regard to personal development and future direction. Essentially, this current phase of life is being brought sharply into focus – for scrutiny and review – and to an inevitable conclusion. This is now a time for determining priorities and facing certain realities. He may attempt to simplify and reduce his life to absolute basics by systematically separating from situations that are no longer relevant or sustainable. These may take the form of people, places, lifestyles, relationships, jobs, behavioural patterns and habits. Difficulties will no doubt be apparent now, but if confronted and dealt with, the long-term gains outweigh the short-term pains. He may take some bold steps in this year as regards profession, career and life.

2009 presents opportunity for careful and sustainable growth in a number of areas of life. Notably, this can be a good time for expanding a business, applying self to intellectual, spiritual or political work, or investing in property or real estate.


Ganesha feels that in 2009 he will make certain life time permanent decisions and mostly it seems to be that he would retire from an active professional career. Any releases that he has in 2009 or new projects that he may start in 2009 may not be accepted well by the audiences. Not a bad year, but a difficult one for sure finds Ganesha. There are chances that he may change his residence in 2009.

Wishing him a happy 2009

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia