Katrina Kaif 2009 Reading (originally published on 21st October 2008)

Katrina Kaif’s Sun Chart

DOB – 16th July 1984

TOB – unknown

POB – London UK


Planetary Position – Katrina Kaif

Planet              Rashi               Position           Nakshatra

Sun                  Cancer             00:07:57          Punarvasu

Moon               Aquarius          04:59:01          Dhanistha

Mars                Libra                22:21:20          Vishakha

Mercury           Cancer             22:21:00          Aashlesha

Jupiter             Sagittarius       12:23:34          Mool

Venus              Cancer             08:27:17          Pushya

Saturn              Libra                16:03:44          Swati

Rahu                Taurus             10:27:08          Rohini

Ketu                Scorpio            10:27:08          Anuradha

Uranus             Scorpio            16:20:17          Anuradha

Neptune          Sagittarius       05:46:17          Mool

Pluto                Libra                05:41:35          Chitra

Transiting Rahu passing through her seventh house of public image and the perception of the public, about her may creat unholy situations for her, courting scandal and inviting situations for negative publicity.

The square aspect of transiting Rahu and Natal Shani and inconjunction with her transiting Shani, seem to cause a lot of strife and troubles for her to maintain her status and image. She may have to face a lot of flak because of what ever scandalous issues happen to her.

Ganesha advises her to control her prompt response and urge to say something or to comment on something negative being printed or talked about, if heeds to this which seems most likely as Shani passing through her second house of speech will help her restrict her speech, she may be most likely to avoid unhappy stingy situations.

The square aspect that her natal Mangal will receive from transiting Guru and Rahu and the direct aspect of Saturn to natal Mangal may not give her good breaks in 2009. There are chances that she may have many dates available for filming but she may not be invited to act and perform in good films. This year Ganesha advises her to be very disciplined as regards her choice of films and script.

Marriage seems to be a no no possibility in 2009. We may not be able to witness her wedding in 2009.

Wishing her a very happy and joyous year ahead.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia