L K Advani in 2009 (Originally published on 3rd October 2008)

Introduction: Considered by his supporters as the ‘iron man’ of Indian politics, the presence of this septuagenarian energizes BJP. With a voice of national conscience he led many movements at times when the country was pulled apart by the forces of divisionism and casteism. He is known as the hard liner politician and has a great faith and believe with the Hindutava. Yes, Ganesha is talking about Shri Lal Krishna Advani, who is currently the leader of the opposition in the 14th Lok Sabha.

L K Advani’s Birth Chart

Date of Birth – November 8, 1927

Time – 09:02 hours

Place – Hyderabad (Pakistan)


Astro Analysis

It can be noted that in 2009, Advani will be passing through Shani Antardasha in ShaniMahadasha which may result in the following consequences:

He may gain some authority in this period. He may become a leader of a party other than BJP or a position holder in a small state. He may have more inclinations towards charity. He may buy some ancient property. Further, his faith in God will increase and he will have an increased interest in the construction of temples. There will be an increase in happiness and fame. The possibility of demotion or suspension or imprisonment by the government cannot be ruled out. He may become restless and may have a threat from the powerful opponents. There may be hurdles in being physically fit, there could be a possible increase in ailments, gastric troubles or headaches. Migration, a loss of position and fear from those in high positions is possible.

Still, fame may be attained. Courage and determination to work will increase. He may come in the forefront again by playing an important role in the coming elections or may at least help his party win by majority of votes in the coming elections. Still, Ganesha feels that he may have to face the ire of the law.

Looking at the planetary transits, we notice that Ketu is passing through his ninth house of bhagya and luck and is square to natal Chandra, the Lord of his ninth house, bringing out pressure on Moon’s front, reducing his fame drastically. Also, note that Shani will be passing through his tenth house of career, power and position restricting his access to power and position, considerably, in 2009.


Ganesha thus feels that though his Shani Antardasha in Shani Mahadasha seems to provide him some position and success, it may not be so easy to off set the transiting planets influencing his career and luck. Whatever little success that he may get will be due to the placement of transiting Shani in the eleventh house as per the cusp chart system.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

23 Oct 2008


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