Lucky period for all sun signs in February 2010 (Originally published on 13th January 2010)

These predictions are applicable to all for all purposes, especially for speculation and such activities.


Upto 18th Feb 2010, you can play as the period till then is favourable in general for gains without pains. Then on till the end of February abstain from any kind of market related or luck related activities.


Fortunes are not foreseen for you till 18th, then gains are definitely observed for you to reap. You should not do any trading in the dates prior to 18th or any luck related activity.


Times till 18th February are more supportive to you for luck and games related to luck. Risks taken in this period have more scopes for success. Rest of the days are 50:50


Till 18th, go on a vacation, shut down the terminals, don’t look at the ticker, losses of enormous amounts are foreseen, after that you can take your revenge and speculate your way to the bank.


For you, the time till 18th is neither good nor bad, luck is not the question here. After 18th though caution seems to be the buzz word for you. If you play you lose will the rule, without exceptions.


If you are interested in increasing your debts and worries please do go ahead and speculate till 18th, then onwards it does not matter if you are active or not, as generally not much gains are noticed.


Well, luck allows you to flirt with the markets this time till 18th at your heart’s desire. Try to square off your positions by then as the period later on will be the Devil’s playing field.


Hmmm, luck has no problems with you till 18th but does not like you too, till then. After 18th, speculation will reap results or at least luck will protect you from losses. Risks can be taken.


Well, luck is there but needs some goading and care, just don’t play blind, and this does not apply to Teen Patti only, till 18th, then just invest, don’t speculate, stay clear from the gambling spirit


Not lucky, but if logical and analytical trades with proper stop loss and book profit margins are set, you may be able to sense luck, till 18th, then you too may need to put in more efforts and hardships, though misfortunes are not foreseen.


For you too luck or no luck, does not matter, you will not be lucky and neither unlucky, why not wait, sit and watch the markets and dip in when there is a fool proof opportunity, till 18th and beyond too.


Why not do some other work? Is it necessary to meddle with luck? Got it? Of course you got it, at least make sure till 18th, then its ok to venture out once in a while, but still I do not guarantee any luck.

The above predictions are for Western Sun Signs or Sayan Paddhati. Your personal ascendant based horoscope and all the planets therein will definitely play the proper role and influence these predictions, but you can still use these as general guidelines and still benefit.

Wishing you all Lady Luck’s Graces

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia