Man Mohan Singh 2009 (Originally published on 8th Dewcember 2008)

Birth details

DOB – 26th September 1932

TOB – 1400 Hours

POB – Jhelum (Pakistan)


Astro Analysis


Based on his natal chart compared to transits in 2009, and also matched with his solar return chart, progressed chart and directed chart Ganesha has the following readings for Manmohan Singh in 2009.


Between 8th February 2009 to 8th April 2009

There can be sudden and many changes and events regarding his position as a PM, may be he is nominated again a Priministerial candidate.

From 25th February ro 25th April 2009

There may be sudden arguments. He will but be very sharp in taking decisions and selecting candidates for the party and elections.

Staring 2nd April ending 2nd June

He will display his power of conviction, will hold the attention of people will be involved in intense discussions. There will be strong power struggles.

During 15th April to 22nd August 2009

Power dynamics between him and others will be strongly present. Possibly, he may attempt to control other people, or others may try to dominate him. He may want to transform and change many things due to which it is entirely possible that he may move house, town or country or resign, as it definitely may not be possible for him to leave country. Important and significant power leaders could influence him in this period in many ways like instigate him to enter into power struggles or to pacify him or to help him after his showdowns.

15th April to 8th October 2009

His career, status position all are at stake and focused. He may it seems call it quits or start something which would gradually allow him to hand over the baton.

15th April to 28th November 2009

He will combine forces with others or different parties for the purpose of achieving common objectives.

15th April 2009 to 31st December

He may be the victim of deception.

25th November onwards

Dishonesty from others, disloyalty and back stabbing as well as deception may be evident from his friends, supporters, loyalists.

6 May 2009 – 18 July 2009

He may experiences power struggles with and from some lady. Some female may deceive him too.

In the period between 28th June to 28th August

His designation and position may change, either by his retirement or resignation or by other circumstances.

Beyond 8th July 2009

It’s a tough period he may not accomplish anything. Also, there is a risk of accidents or injuries now..

2 October 2009 – 2 December 2009

Matters now seem to settle and the time is good for advancing professional aims and goals. He may gain his position back, if he had lost it earlier.

1 December 2009 and ahead

He will make significant or fated Karmic connections which may pave way for his future.


The period or say the year 2009, will make or mar him. The second and third quarters of 2009 are quite difficult and if not managed well we may not hear much of him later on, at least not as a politician of significance. Ganesha has a strong hunch from the heavenly designs formed for Manmohan Singh that if elections are to be held by April, he may again become PM, but will face problems as suggested above, immediately and may be his candidature for PM will be challenged effecting him to join hands with others. On the other hand, if elections are to be held after April, his he may not stand much chances of being a PM again because of deceptions and all.

May Lord Ganesha bless him

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia