Many Many Happy Returns of the day to Katrina Kaif (Originally published on 17th July 2008)

Its her birthday, the effervescent latest beauty of Bollywood celebrates her 24th birth anniversary today.

Ganesha predicts her coming year based on her Surya Kundali

DOB – 16th July 1984

TOB – unknown

POB – London UK


Planetary Position – Katrina Kaif

Planet              Rashi               Position           Nakshatra

Sun                  Cancer             00:07:57          Punarvasu

Moon               Aquarius          04:59:01          Dhanistha

Mars                Libra                22:21:20          Vishakha

Mercury           Cancer             22:21:00          Aashlesha

Jupiter             Sagittarius       12:23:34          Mool

Venus              Cancer             08:27:17          Pushya

Saturn              Libra                16:03:44          Swati

Rahu                Taurus             10:27:08          Rohini

Ketu                Scorpio            10:27:08          Anuradha

Uranus             Scorpio            16:20:17          Anuradha

Neptune          Sagittarius       05:46:17          Mool

Pluto                Libra                05:41:35          Chitra

Ganesha observes the first thing in her chart for this year, that it seems to be a year of scandals and negative publicity. The reasons seems to be the transiting Rahu passing through her seventh house of public image and the perception of the public, about her.

Transiting Rahu is square to her natal Shani and inconjunct to her transiting Shani, causing a lot of strife and troubles for her to maintain her status and image. She may have to face a lot of flak because of what ever scandalous happens to her.

The starting note of the predictions are sour and bitter, which nobody may like, but this is the stark reality, but Ganesha also has to say that Shani, the teacher, the patient fellow, is passing through her second house of speech and aspects its own natal position, this means that if she can control her instant eagerness and reflex to say something or to comment on something negative being printed or talked about, she will be able to handle the crisis more effectively. This is the advise part of the prediction.

Going back to further predictions, Ganesha notes that Guru is the lord of her ninth house of Bhagya and luck as such is the eternal significator of wisdom and freedom. Guru in its transit, till December 2008, passes through its own sign becoming Swagruhi and powerful and aspects her transiting Shani as well as the second house. This has two meanings, one, she may want to expand her speech and may want to speak a lot, which may infact attract more controversy rather than curb it. The second meaning being that her wisdom will help her control her urge to instant reflex and reaction, which will definitely help her curtail and do some damage control. It is upto her on how to handle the situation.

Well career wise, its definitely a classic year till December 2008. Any assignments or movies that she takes up in this period will definitely bring her further fame and name as well as success, because transiting Guru aspects her tenth house of career.

After December 2008, Ganesha fears that she may not achieve success and accolades. Its Ganesha’s strongest advise that she go on a vacation till her coming birth day in 2009. She should also not take up or sign for any movies or programmes in the second half till her next birthday. This period, Ganesha feels will be the time of her life where she may be surrounded by a lot of controversies and public’s negative perception of her. She may be shunned by her peers and associates too.

It seems that wedding bells are ringing for her, in the year 2008, not later and is she skips the same, the rest of 2009 till her birthdate is not promising for marriage.

Health and financial success as well as more movies are definitely on the positive side for her.

Wishing her a very happy and joyous year ahead.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia