Narendra Modi as the next PM of India? (the first prediction on Namo becoming PM, Originally published on 22nd September 2011)

Narendra Modi as the next PM of India?

Most of the political pundits in India, have started projecting/believing that Narendra Modi, the current CM of India is /will be the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate in the next 16th Lok Sabha Elections in India, scheduled in 2014.

Assuming that there I no other BJP candidate for PM in 2014 and without looking at the stars of any other contestant from Cong (I) or any other party, I make an attempt to predict whether Narendra Modi will be the next PM of India.

Narendra Modiji’s birth date used here is as follows.

DOB – 17th September 1950

TOB – 10:00 AM

POB – Mehsana


The system used is the Indian Vedic system.

The lord of the tenth house brings power and status, in this horoscope, Moon, the lord of the tenth house forms Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga (a combination that confers good results).  Narendra Modi comes under the influence of Chandra Mahadasha from 5th October 2012, which will be in force in 2014 too and beyond, the right time to get the Raj Yoga results. Narrowing down, he will be under the influence of Mangal (Mars) Antardasha in the first two months of 2014, Mars is the participant in forming this Neecha Bhanga Raaj Yoga, so Narendra Modi stands a very good chance if the elections are held during this period, or he is declared as the PM candidate or he signs the election forms or sets off his official election campaign, in the first two months of 2014.

Another positive factor is that he will be under the positive influence of Shani Sade Saathi at that time. Shani/Sani/Saturn is a Yog Karak planet for Libra Ascendant, so its Saade Sathi/ Panoti will confer positive results for Narendra Modi.

Thirdly, Shani will be exalted in 2014 in the ascendant itself, consider Shani as a Yog Karaka planet being strong here. Shani will aspect his tenth house of career, power, status, authority throughout 2014.

Now moving on to the Secondary Progressed horoscope matching 17th Sept 2013, we come at Moon Declination at 01S, on the verge of entering North, which is a definitive sign for a change and goodness.

Progressed Moon of 2013 will be trine to its natal position, increasing the luck factor. Though it will be with transitting and natal Rahu, changing his mindset and philosophies to a great extent.

Progressed Moon of 2014 will be trine to the natal 10th house degrees and trine to progressed tenth house lord, Mercury (Budha), this soft aspect brings him very close to the throne too.

The square formed by Mars and Uranus in the Secondary progressed horoscope of 2014, to the progressed Moon, will, enhance his leadership qualities, his fighting spirit and novel election Agendas.

All the above factors (we still do not have the exact election dates and neither any idea of who could be the other contenders) indicate that Narendra Modi has the maximum chances of being India’s PM in the 16th Lok Sabha.

Mahaveer’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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