Paris Hilton Desperate for a Baby (originally published on 26th July 2008)


Jealous of good-pal Nicole Richie grabbing headlines with her baby, Paris Hilton has now hit on the only way to put herself back in the news  which is to have a baby of her own. Desperately trying to follow Richie’s suit , the 27-year-old socialite is trying for a baby with beau Benji Madden after only six-months of courtship. One of her friends said: “A baby would put her back in the news.”

And to make sure that she gets what she wants, Hilton is even swearing off drugs and booze.

Ganesha performs a study of Paris’ horoscope to see when she will have a baby.

Paris Hilton’s Birth Chart

Date of birth- February 17, 1981
Time- 3 hours
Place- New York, USA



Astro Analysis

The fifth house of kids has its cusp at 17 degrees of Aries (mesha) which means that Mangal is the lord of her fifth house of kids. Notice that natal Mangal is in sextile (applying) to the degrees of the fifth house.

Why does Paris have a sincere and serious interest in becoming a mother? The astrological reason is simple. Currently, transiting Guru  is exactly trine to her fifth house degrees February 7, 2008 to February 15, 2008. Also, in the same period, transiting Jupiter was sextile to natal Mangal. This is the main trigger from the planets for her maternal instinct to get ignited.

What Next?

Ganesha notes that the transiting Jupiter is currently retrograde while her natal Jupiter too is retrograde. Jupiter has also been considered  a significator of kids in astrology, especially, in Vedic Indian astrology. It has always been observed that matters get  rolling   when transiting planets are in retrograde motion, if the same planets are retrograde in the natal chart.

Ganesha thus feels that when transiting retrograde comes within four degrees orb of natal fifth house cusp of Paris Hilton’s chart from July 22, 2008 she will most probably conceive. Transiting Jupiter becomes direct on  September 7,2008 and gets out of the 4 degree orb on October 24, 2008. Ganesha, thus feels that till October 24, 2008 she may conceive.

Ganesha also observes that when transiting Mars will be over its natal position from March 8, 2009 to April 14, 2009 she may deliver a child. The month of June 2009 also seems probable for child birth when transiting Mars will be in Aries her fifth house of kids.


If things go well and Madden too is willing then we may see the proverbial stork will visit  Paris’ in the second quarter of 2009.

Wishing Paris happy mothering.

Ganesha’s Grace


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia

Description:   Desirous to be in the headlines, Paris Hilton is desperately trying to conceive. Jealous of her good pal Nicole Richie, Paris hopes of getting pregnant with Benji Madden to attarct the spotlight. She scaled back her partying lifestyle giving up booze and drugs in hopes of becoming Mom.

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