Prakash Karat 2009 Reading (Originally published on 6th October 2008)

Introduction: This gentleman politician is a hard­liner and believes in the maxims preached by his party Communist Party of India (Marxist). His political career started as a student leader during his university days and he was drawn to the Left movement in the 60’s. He took over from the Marxist veteran, Harkishan Singh Surjeet as the General Secretary of the Polit Bureau, on April 11, 2005. Mr. Karat with his party came out in strong opposition to the Indo­US Nuclear Deal and even withdrew support to the UPA government that they

were extending from outside. Prakash Karat, the reigning leader of the Indian communist movement, has emerged as one of the most powerful politicians in

Indian politics. Ganesha predicts the political future of Prakash Karat in the year 2009.

DOB – 7th February 1948

TOB – Unknown

POB – Rangoon (Burma)


Throughout the year Prakash Karat has 85 hard aspects from transiting planets (Mars to Rahu) to Natal Planets (Sun to Rahu). Ganesha has also included Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in this astro analysis. Prakash Karat has 54 soft aspects from transiting planets to natal planets.

Note that in Natal Horoscope the hard aspects are bad and the soft aspects are good. Hard aspects make one action­ oriented, lead one to be in a fighting mode and code. Soft aspects make one laid back and more destiny­oriented. A person, when under the influence of soft aspects, usually does not take action but only takes the action of inaction.

Sun receives five hard aspects from Mars and four soft aspects from Mars. Sun receives three soft aspects from Jupiter. Sun is the significator of success and his position as a person of power and authority receives total 5 hard Aspects and 7 soft aspects.

Mercury receives five hard aspects from Mars, one from Saturn and one from Jupiter. Mercury receives four soft aspects from Mars and one soft aspect from Rahu. Mercury as the lord of his ninth house of Bhagya and luck receives total 5 Hard Aspects and 5 Soft aspects.

Venus receives five hard aspects from Mars. Venus receives 1 soft aspect from Jupiter, four soft aspects from Mars, 1 soft aspect from Rahu and 1 soft aspect from Saturn. Venus as the lord of his tenth house of success and his position of power and authority receives total 5 Hard aspects and 7 Soft aspects.

So, with the above information, Ganesha deduces that though Prakash Karat will be in the action­ taking mode that may keep him in the highlight and in the papers, the year may, for him, personally and professionally, be easy. He may be successful in his plans and ideas. He may be able to incorporate a major or important change in the party or its political growth. In all this, the planets that matter­the planets for success and power (Sun and Venus)­ have the support of destiny through the soft aspects.

During 16th January 2009 to 25th January 2009, he may court controversies and may be in the papers on daily basis, even then, he shall be able to gain some mileage from the same and may end up the winner in any kind of activities that possibly happen to hamper his image and character.

Truly tough times come during 27th February to 8th March. It’s the time of conspiracies and loss of face, humiliation and degradation either from party colleagues or from international associations.

His most successful time seems to be from 24th April 2009 to 11th May and from 23rd October 2009 till the end of 2009.

From 3rd September to 23rd November his position in the party may be at stake but shall not lose the same and will be able to keep it.

Between 21st September and 22nd October, he may get into strange associations and communications. He may be in the ‘Jackyl and Hyde’ mode, i.e. say something, do something else and finally get something other than something else. He may be in for a thing called Inverse Luck where at the first sight events may be against him but he may be able to manipulate the same to his favour.

Wishing Prakash Karat a Happy 2009

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

06 Oct 2008


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia