Predictions on how will be the Indian Union Budget 2010-2011 (Originally published on 24th February 2010)

The Union Budget of India will be presented on 26th of February 2010 by Dr. Pranab Mukherjee – the honourable Finance Minister of India. Here is an attempt to predict what will be the inclusions or the nature of the budget.

India’s following birth data has been considered.

DOB – 15th August 1947

TOB – 00:00:00

POB – Delhi


Mercury the lord of the second house in the tenth house indicates policies to promote foreign trade and to support a surplus BoP.

Mercury trine to its own house, the second house, prompts the government to release a budget which increases the purchasing power of the populace, increases the national wealth, which again comes from a positive balance of trade and payment. Mahaveer strongly feels that this budget will have the sole target of national income, financial stability of the country, its reserves, the strength of the currency et al.

This year there will be a marked increase towards communication, infrastructure with regards to movement of cargo and people, IT, education, care (in all forms – including but not limited to hospitals, old age homes, hospitality, alternative health care systems, defence systems for protection, housing too). This seems to be the case as transiting Moon is in conjunction with its natal position. Unfortunately as transiting Mercury and transiting as well as natal Moon are in a hard aspect to each other, there will be increased taxes too to support the above and also to use he above facilities.

Moon as lord of the fourth house, twelfth from its own house implies policies not properly tuned to protect, utilize and gain financially from the natural resources. The housing and care sectors again are indicated to be hit here in some manner.

It seems the speculative tendencies this year will reduce and for the major part it will be a bearish year as the policies may be against such, which may again be of the nature of taxation and increased documentation. This due to applying opposition of transiting Sun to its own house and the degrees of the fifth house being midpoint of transiting Jupiter and Venus both natural benefic planets, while Jupiter is a malefic planet by lordship for India.

Summarily this year’s budgetary policy will be accepted widely with least criticism. This budget will be remembered for a long time.

Mahaveer’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Rikhav Khimasia