Rahul Gandhi for Abhiyaan (Originally published on 25th May 2009)

Rahul Gandhi for Abhiyaan

Guru is the lord of his seventh house of marriage. It was retrograde at birth, but in progressed horoscope it has become direct three days after his birth, indicating that he though had some typical ideas of marriage and married life, at birth, they have improved as per the progression.

Notice that Ketu is in applying aspect to the seventh house degrees and Rahu is in applying aspect to natal Guru’s Degrees. Sun is in applying opposition to the seventh house.

The above are very malefic points which indicate that his natal destiny as regards marriage is very weak and he may not marry at all, or may have a very disturbed married life.

Ganesha thus feels that he may not marry at all or marry quite late in life, which already has happened as he is nearing the age 40.

When will he marry, if at all he decides to marry? Is a very important concern for us all.

Well, he comes under the influence of Guru Antardasha in Chandra Mahadasha from February 2010 to June 2011. This is an opportune time as Chandra is the lord of his second house of family and Guru is the lord of his seventh house of marriage.

Note that in the first week of January 2010, transiting Guru will aspect his natal Guru and will be sextile to the degrees of the seventh house of marriage in February 2010. This may initiate his marriage talks leading to marriage depending on the prospective bride’s personal destiny. It can be said that in January 2010 and February 2010 he may get married or at least marriage talks will start and finalise too, with marriage by June 2011.

For early marriage Ganesha advises him to appease Ketu by offering his prayers to Ganesha, the preceptor of Ketu and by appeasing Rahu through financial donations to the underprivileged castes. These remedies will also help him be happy in his married life.

Wishing Rahul Gandhi Marriage and Marital bliss

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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