Rakhi Sawant Many Many Happy Returns of the day (Originally published on 4th February 2009)

Any publicity is good publicity, or so they say. The fiery female Rakhi Sawant‘s claim to fame is a perfect example of how negative publicity can work wonders in one’s life. All the controversies she has managed to garner so far has only added to her credentials, as she went on to grab a few fabulous film offers and a high­spirited reality show in particular. Nonetheless, the road ahead doesn’t seem that rosy, predicts Ganesha as she might fade into obscurity in the year


Birth Details

DOB – 3rd February 1980

TOB – Unknown (Sun Sign Horoscope) POB – Bombay


Astro Analysis

Dragon’s Head and Jupiter are passing through the ascendant over natal Sun and Mercury. Transiting Saturn is passing over natal Dragon’s Head, Moon, Mars and Jupter. Transiting Saturn aspects the tenth house of profession and aspects natal Venus the lord of the tenth house and also the lord of the fifth house of love and creativity. Transiting Dragon’s Head aspects the fifth house. The Solar Arc point of natal Mercury falls in conjunction with natal Venus and is square to natal Neptune.



Ganesha thus notes that the year will be a bit difficult for her, if she does not manage her Public Relations and affairs well. There are possibilities that she may wade out into obscurity in this year. Her creativity till now which was highly spontaneous and intellectual may bear some dullishness in this year. Her love issues are possibly on the reverse gear mode and she may not be able to find some one.

Professional success seems to be slow for her this year. There may be a restriction to her natural charm and charishma, notes Ganesha.

There could be a loss of a senior member of her family. Ganesha foresees possible power struggles with her professional seniors and her over confidence may become instrumental in her losing some or the other contracts.


Ganesha feels that by the end of her coming birthday, she may be lost, she unfortunately seems to be a falling star.

Wishing her good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless her.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia