Salman Khan (Originally published on 22nd December 2008)

DOB – 27th December 1965

TOB – Unknown (Sun Sign Horoscope)

POB – Indore


Astro Analysis


Guru his Sun Sign Lord will be debilitated for the most part of the year.

Rahu will aspect his tenth house of career.

Guru will be in conjcuntion with transiting Rahu and aspect his tenth house of career.

Ketu will aspect his natal Budha the lord of his tenth house of career and profession.

Rahu and Guru will be in the second house of speech.

As per the Solar Arc, Guru – Uranus and Guru – Pluto axis gets activated.

As per the Solar Arc, Budha – Uranus and Budha – Pluto axis gets activated.

As per the Solar Arc, Sun – Neptune axis gets activated.


Ganesha feels that on the basis of the above planetary configurations in force, he may have the following experiences in 2009.

  1. Speech, will be a problem again. Till now his behaviour always courted some or the other controversy and problem with him. This year his speech will be highly controversial bringing many problems for him.
  2. His career may take a beating this year, till 27th December 2009. He may probably not get any roles and films this year or his movies may not get the desired success. May be he may retire in this year.
  3. There also seems to be a change in his career and profession and he may choose something else other than films and movies or may be other than acting. There are scopes that he may become a producer or director in 2009. He may also appear more on the small screen than the silver screen.
  4. Ganesha feels that he may be more depressive in this year too.
  5. He may still not decide on marriage in this year too.


Ganesha thus feels that this coming year of 2009, will be tough on him, very important for career changes and choices, speech needs to be under control.

Wishing him Many Many Happy Returns of the day.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia