Saturn – Sun Conjunction Article – Effect on 12 Signs (Originally published on 8th July 2008)

Saturn – Sun Conjunction Article – Effect on 12 Signs

Sun enters Leo on 17th August and will come in conjcuntion with Saturn who is already transiting through Leo. Sun Saturn conjcuntion will be in force till 16th September 2008, that’s a whole month.

This is thus a very important period, when Sun will be in its own sign while Saturn will be in its detrimental and enemy sign.

Ganesha has a look at how destiny and life will unfold in this one month period for one and all. Other natal and transiting planetary aspects as well as your personal horoscope may have a differential influence on the level of impact of this transit.

If you have Aries rising or an Aries Sun or Moon then the period is likely to be important for you in matters of love and romance or about your children or your creativity. There may be something really restrictive to these issues. You may face career related problems and there may be a tiff with your boss. Friends too may turn hostile while you may not be able to gain anything material or otherwise in this period.

If you have Taurus rising or a Taurus Sun or Moon, restrictions and issues coming to the fore will be about home and family. There may possibly be some damage or matters related to house and property or even land. You may face heart problems and a sudden drawback to your career, you will find that some thing is wrong.

If you have Gemini Rising or a Gemini Sun or Moon you may face communication issues and barriers. May be your PCs and internet connections may not work properly or your cells. Neighbours may want to keep distance from you. You may not want to visit religious places and even your libido may be on the low.

For Cancer rising or a Cancer Sun or Moon this period deals with finances and your self worth. The bank balance and pure may dry up and not get filled for the entire period or will stay empty irrespective of how much cash you pump in. You may not want to speak much while issues with spouse and that too due to a low physical energy may arise.

For Leo rising or Leo Sun or Moon it’s all about your most uninhibited expression of your personality and identity. You may simply not be able to express yourself. There may be heavy and hefty bruises to your self esteem and ego. This period may call for issues arising out of the job environment and colleagues, while your spouse too may be too much demanding.

For Virgo rising or a Virgo Sun or Moon it’s fear itself that you fear at the moment. You will be facing issues related to expenses and hidden enemies who seem to be in the air all around you in this period. You may face problems with your feet soles and there me aches and cramps.

For Libra rising or a Libra Sun or Moon this period has to do with friendships and your goals. Some restrictions are going on in this area for sure. You may want to be a loner by choice or will be by compulsion. You may find that your goals have simply evaporated in thin air.

For Scorpio rising or a Scorpio Sun or Moon there is a major lesson concerning career and profession you need to overcome. You will probably feel that you are a dead end and none of your projects or assignments are going ahead. You may probably make a reversal and hit your own career the hardest where it pinches the most.

For Sagittarius rising or a Sagittarius Sun or Moon you have to believe in your beliefs – stop being afraid to define them. Your religious beliefs may be under attack. You may perhaps have issues with finances and younger brothers too. May be you will face some troubles while travelling, in this period.

For Capricorn rising or a Capricorn Sun or Moon, you will have some type of fear associated with a death in your environment or with financial problems to deal with. You may also face self identity crisis due to family and their ignorance towards you. If you are looking at sudden gains and may have anything coming up in this period, just forget it.

For Aquarius rising or a Aquarius Sun or Moon you may have to deal with some fears concerning relationships. Public image may take a severe beating and there are chances that your wife may be cold towards you. There may be denial of bed comforts, right from it being torn or having bed bugs or getting broken. You may not find sleep.

For Pisces rising or a Pisces Sun or Moon you may have to deal with a fear of being dispensable. Pets or diseases may hamper or harass you. May be some of you may break an office friendship or be eluded by them. If you are fired or forced to resign do not be surprised.

Wishing you all a good period and life.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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