Sign Based Education Streams (Originally published on 29th May 2009)

Sign Based Education Streams

Mesha – This is a fiery sign whose lord is Mangal. You should study in streams associated with Mangal and Fire like arms and ammunition, artillery, mechanics, chemicals, combustion engines, electrical engineering, surgery – neuro and head related.

Vrishabha – This is a Earthy sign whose lord is Sukra. You should study in lines related to Sukra and Earth like finances, treasury and banking, speech, food and cooking, eyes related studies, cosmetics, beautician, hair dresser, voice and face.

Mithuna – This is a Airy Sign whose lord is Budha. You should educate in streams related to Budha and Air, like sales, communication, logic, language, trade, negotiations, oratory, travel, vocal chords, lungs, wind, computers, mathematics.

Karka – This is a Watery Sign whose lord is Chandra. You should learn matters related to Moon and Water, like, catering, hospitality, house and home decoration, milk and liquids, blood, lands and irrigation, security, administration, heart.

Simha – This is a Firey sign whose lord is Surya. You should choose education in matters related to Surya and Fire like stomach, forestry, medicine, herbs, animal husbandry, energy, administration and management, gold and debt related finances, actuary, insurance

Kanya – This is Earthy sign whose lord is Budha. You should study matters related to Budha and Earth, like law, printing, human resources, endocrine system, skin, intestines, trade, psychology, sales, investigation, accountancy, nursing.

Thula – This is Airy sign whose lord is Sukra. You should choose education in lines related to Sukra and Air, like, arts, entertainment, event management, commerce, international trade, justice, technologies related to colours and designing, decoration.

Vrishchika – This is Watery sign whose lord is Mangal. You should prefer education streams related to Mangal and Water like, liquid engineering, construction, land studies, surface geology, gyanecology, radiology, anesthesia, psychology, general insurance.

Dhanus – This is a Fiery sign whose lord is Guru. You must study in matters related to Guru and Fire, like, teaching, finances, travel technologies, religion, thighs, consultancy, justice, administration, MIS (Management Information Systems)

Makar – This is an Earth sign whose lord is Shani. You should thus choose studies related to Earth and Shani like, oil mechanics and technologies, food processing, geology, mining, metallurgy, knees and joints, physics, cold and cooling, iron, antiques.

Kumbha – This is an Airy sign whose lord is Shani. You may therefore choose areas of education related to Air and Shani like, gas, pure mechanical engineering, automobiles, aeroplane, legs, franchising, logistics, distribution, air circulation, space technologies.

Meena – This is a Watery sign whose lord is Guru. You are advised to choose education in lines related to Guru and Water like, water purification, fishery and the like, feet, water transportation, international trade and logistics, shipping,, marine engineering, hospitality management.

The above suggestions are based on your Sun/Moon Sign only, the true lines to study in, depend on the complete picture that your full horoscope creates.


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