Sushmita Sen 2009 Reading for PR and Blog (Originally published on 23rd October 2008)

Introduction: The Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen began her career as a model. It was during 1996 that she first appeared in a Bollywood movie titled ‘Dastak’. Though the movie did not fare too well, she was noticed. Today, she is considered as one of best actors in Bollywood. Displaying one of the rare combinations of beauty and the brains, this beautiful tall lady has taken up the role of a producer recently. But, will she succeed? Ganesha takes a look at her horoscope and tries to predict her year ahead.

Sushmita Sen’s Sun Sign Horoscope

Date of Birth – November 19, 1975

Time – Unknown

Place – Hyderabad


Astro Analysis

Guru the lord of her second house of wealth and family as well as speech will be debilitated and in conjcuntion with transiting Rahu opposite natal Shani through out 2009. Guru is also the lord of her fifth house of kids.

Transiting Ketu will be passing over natal Shani the lord of her fourth house of happiness, emotions and heart as well as home.

Transiting Shani will be opposite its own house, in 2009.

She shall be under the influence of Sukra Antardasha in Rahu Mahadasha throughout 2009. Natal Sukra is in the eleventh house under the aspect of transiting Rahu and transiting Guru.



Associations with artists, creative and refined persons or those active in the arts and entertainment sectors will be possible in 2009. She may fall in love affairs now.

Her advancement in life at this time will be slow or cumbersome. Any progress she may make will come at a price. Also, there can be temporary setbacks and possible financial constraints or worries. She may feel discontented, for no apparent reason.

In February she may plan a short holiday or social function.

In April and May difficulties are possible in relationships or through the influence of others, including family members.

In May, June and July matters of the heart feature strongly. She may become the object of someone’s romantic desires, or she could be smitten with another. Established relationships, too, can go through a period of increased warmth and affection. This can be a successful creative period for her, with her work being acknowledged and respected by others.

She has reached a peak in her career and she should take every opportunity to strengthen her professional position. She will work harder now than ever before and shoulder more responsibility, but it will be worth it in the long-term. She has a very real danger of falling from grace and damaging her standing in the eyes of others.

Relations with siblings and neighbours should be relatively harmonious at this time. She may be more mobile now and inclined to take more short journeys than usual. This is an excellent time for learning new things and expanding her knowledge. She may be busy writing and communicating with others.


The year will be a bit low, but as she is a responsible and intelligent lady not prone to actions and reactions on the spot, she shall be able to handle the year quite well.

Wishing her a happy 2009

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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