The True New Year – 14th Jan 2012 and you (Originally published on 6th January 202)

The True New Year – 14th Jan 2012 and you – By Rikhav Khimasia

The True New Year – 14th Jan 2012 and you


Folks, amazed? We all just celebrated the New Year at Mid Night of 2011 and this crazy fellow Rikhav Khimasia (that’s me – and I seem to be crazy?! – man, I am) says that the true new year begins on 14th Jan 2012? Have I gone nuts? Or there is something else? Has the rest of the world lost it, if not Rikhav Khimasia?

Well all of us are right, about the New Year beginning on 1st January, the calendar year, but as planets rule us and our lives, at least the seasons and our life, we should follow the planetary patterns to actually define time periods. Getting confused? Losing interest?

Well, well, well, let’s put it this way. All systems of Astrology give more importance to the four Solstice Points or the four Angular houses and signs of the Natural Zodiac, when the Sun enters these signs and thus the house, seasons change. These signs are Aries (Mesha), Cancer (Karka), Libra (Thula), Capricorn (Makar).

Sun’s Ingress to Capricorn (Makar Sankranti/Uttarayan) the Indian kite flying festival is the most important as it denotes the end of cold, and all things associated with cold, the scarcity of food, the death, etc. Sun in Capricorn signifies new beginnings, warmth, preparing for farming, new fresh life, and all, as per the olden day life styles and also today too.

Thus, as per the planetary systems, astronomy, astrology, the New Year begins from the exact point when Sun enters Capricorn – Makar and that too Indian Vedic style (Niryan).

Keeping this in light, Lord Mahaveer has done various calculations as per the Indian Vedic system and has the following observations about the coming year for all the twelve Ascendants – Sun Signs – Moon Signs. The predictions apply more to the ascendant signs, to a lesser degree to the Sun signs and to a still lesser degree to the Moon Signs. All the three signs indicated here, Ascendant, Sun and Moon are as per Indian Vedic System. If you know your Western System signs, as a general thumb rule you may read for that as well as for the sign preceding it, example your Western Sun Sign is Taurus, then read the readings for both Taurus and Aries. I though suggest not taking any risks and learn what is your Indian Vedic, Ascendant, Sun and Moon, you may inquire on this site or use other means, and read the readings. Once you the Indian Vedic Ascendant, Sun and Moon, you will then be able to read such predictions from any one, who mentions Indian Vedic system readings in his article.

So, Arians, you are staring at kids, soft skills, easy money, education, studies, stomach nd such matters for the whole year 2012. Unfortunately though things will be challenged on this front, or you may not be satisfied with your progress in these areas.

Taureans, you should expect to feel more concerned with home, caring, mothering, heart, emotions and that not satisfied with the same, more expenses and losses on these matters seem to be up the cards.

The Twins (Gemini), ready to read both sides of the coin and analyse what Mahaveer foresees for you? The eager communicators, you shall be negatively concerned with short travels, neighbours, siblings, efforts and risks. You would be spending a lot and gathering a lot of these or a few of them.

Crabs, the Cancerians, or the caring people? Finances will be satisfactorily experience in 2012 for you. Family will be a storage point and eating too. You may develop good speech and speaking habits in 2012,

The Royals – Leo, you know what you will do?  You will be involved with job jumping in the coming twelve months. You shall be able to service your debts, but are not advised to create new ones. Health will be of concern too.

The Virgins – you will be highly active on the inheritance, joint finances and home fronts. Question about these areas will arise and/or get solved, based on you natal horoscopes and the machinations of the same. Your loyalty and discipline may get questioned and disturbed. Entertaining employees and colleagues at home will also be your mainstay for the next 365 days.

The Scales – Librans, you will be highly concerned with home, property, vehicles, career, seniors and father. Issues and anxieties on the above will be too much, asking you to loose your balance. Its not going to be an easy for you guys. Troubles that have started in the last year, will flow into this and pester you like angry flies buzzing around you in a closed room.

Scorpions, for you its your own self, your physique, your self confidence, job and employment, taking up the whole year. Matters are staring you in the face already, getting highlighted from 14th Jan 2010. You may want to escape all this by relocating, which shall not be the answer. Fight it out, but with tact, and leave your claws behind please, sarcasm won’t work.

Saggis you will have a good year too, kids (having them or enjoying through them), speculation, inheritance, joint finances are mostly on the positive side for you. Siblings will also be an asset in this year, a couple of them will solve their marriage issues while you will be busy with communication most of the time. Aah and yes, take care about your kids when travelling, accidents are seen for them.

Well Capris, home, joint finances and marriage issues are at stake seeking your undivided attention. You may face tensed situations on the home and property front as well vehicles and heart. Marriage issues and difficulties may get aggravated while divorce talk may get initiated too. The positive is about joint finances, family finances and inheritances. You may be able enjoy good sex too.

Aquarians, marriage, neighbours, job, siblings will be the focus areas for you. You will face difficult times with, about and due to siblings and neighbours. Marriage matters will be solved and married people will have happiness in married life. Un married people will be able to untangle the quizz about their marriage. Most you will be troubled about job, workplace and debts. Be on the alert.

Pisceans, savings and investments will be on the primary agenda. Hospitalization or foreign matters start looking up positively and progress on those matters will get solved. Kids will be center stage too. Tensions and anxious moments as well as problems through, by and for kids will snap your calm and patience. You will also have to sacrifice more for adult children too.

Special Note for All of you, use these indications as a guiding tool, be prepared for such events, as much as you can. Look into your immediate past and the current events regarding these matters and conjure up what exactly can happen to you and stay armed with a ready mind, probable solutions and all.

Wishing you all Happy Makar Sankranti and Glorious year.

Mahaveer’s Loving Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia