Warren Buffet 2009 Reading for PR activities (Originally published on 23rd October 2008)

Introduction: Born in Nebraska and nicknamed “Oracle of Omaha“, he is the worlds richest man. He has made a fortune gaining from the fluctuations in the stock market. This US investment guru is a chairman and CEO of the company Berkshire Hathaway. Ganesha is talking about the legendary investor Warren Buffet and his future in the coming year.

Warren Buffet’s Sun Chart

Date of Birth­ August 30, 1930

Time – Sunrise 06:00

Place of Birth­ Omaha (Nebraska) USA

Jupiter the lord of his fifth house of investments and gains out of such activities as well as the natural significator of wealth will be debilitated for the most part in his sixth house of debts and evil. It shall also be afflicted by the conjunction with transiting Rahu. On the other hand, Guru and Rahu both will aspect the natal second house of finances and family as well as aspect the natal Mercury the lord of his second house.

This indicates that Warren may be in for some tight financial situation, losses or low profits or devaluation of capital and investments.

The second area that may take a blow below the belt is the family relations in general, which may get sour or disturbed.

Ganesha also notes that Shani the lord of his seventh house of marriage will be weak in enemy sign and opposite to his own house, and in conjcuntion with its arch rival Sun. This may create some tasteless and bland situations as regards spouse and wife. The seventh house being the significator of joint finances and shareholders as well as public image, Ganesha presumes that he may have tiffs with a couple of his joint stake holders and partners as well as some of his actions to save his investments may invite public ire.

Transiting Saturn trine to natal Saturn and placed in the ascendant may but allow him to be more strict and disciplined too and his decision will be very practical and down to earth, he will not panic in any situation though, notes Ganesha.

Critical times

Ganesha notes that January to first week of March will be good for him and help him a ton. Then till May end he may face some troubles and tough times. Decisions will be required to be made. In June he may seem to gain from his tight decisions taken earlier. July will bring him face to face with danger to his supreme power and authority. Mid August to end September will be purely times in which he may lose a lot of face and go through trials and tribulations in his capitalistic empire as well as may step down fro positions. In October he may retire completely from day to day decision making or policy making and may feel very much subdued and defeated, luck seems to elude him here. If he survives the last three months then in November he may return like a sphinx with most of his problems starting getting solved. December will again be financially good.


Ganesha feels that it seems to be some what tougher for him, but Saturn in the ascendant will help him as he has been practicing Saturnian lifestyle and policies of frugality and strict discipline, which has helped him the most in his life.

Wishing him good luck in 2009

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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