Will Mamata Banerjee’s magic sway the polls results? (Originally published on 1st April 2009)

Mamata Banerjee, founder and chief executive of the Trinamool Congress Party (Grassroots Congress Party), started her political career with Congress (I), and as a young woman in the 1970s, she quickly rose in the ranks of the local Congress group. In 1984, she became one of India’s youngest parliamentarians ever, beating veteran Communist statesman Somnath Chatterjee for the Jadavpur seat in West Bengal.

Though she lost her seat in 1989 in an anti­Congress wave, she was back in 1991, having settled into the Calcutta South (Lok Sabhaconstituency) seat, which she has retained ever since. In 1997, Mamata Banerjee split the Congress Party in West Bengal and established Trinamool Congress Party. Trinamool is presently the primary opposition to the long­standing Communist government in the state.

With a growing anti­incumbency factor developed over the last 32 years, the electoral battle for the 42 Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal is likely to be highly polarised. Opposition forces forming a workable alliance are likely to do well. Trinamool Congress’ sustained movements since mid­2006 against land acquisition for industry, and its success in last year’s rural body polls and by­elections to the Nandigram and Bishnupur (West) seats have exposed the Left Front’s weakening grip on its mainstay – the rural vote bank.

Mamata’s move to strengthen its rural base through a series of issue­based protests has helped it gain ground in the agricultural and backward regions. A closer scrutiny reveals that the Left Front could be in for a tough fight in several constituencies where the sum total of the Congress­Trinamool votes is more than that collected by the Left Front. This will definitely be a very interesting election.

Will the recent Nano debacle working against her? Will the growing anti­incumbency against CPI(M) help Mamata? Will she be able to tilt the scales to upset CPI(M)? Here’s what Ganesha has to say:

Mamata Banerjee’s Horoscope

Will Mamata Banerjee's magic sway the polls results_

Astro Analysis

Transiting Sun, Lord of her 9th House of bhagya and luck, is trine to the 9th House and trine to its natal position as well. Moreover, it is exalted and will be trine to natal Rahu and will also be trine to natal Budha, Lord of Mamata’s 10th House of success.

Transiting Budha, Lord of her 10th House, will be under the aspect of transiting Rahu and Guru and will be trine to the 10th House.

Rahu will aspect the 10th House.


Considering all the above factors, Ganesha feels that Mamata will be able to sway the elections. She will use various means as well as strategies to achieve her goal. Her speeches will be highly inflammatory and will prove to be the trigger point. Ganesha feels that the Trinamool leader will definitely win this election with a great majority.

Wishing Mamata good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless her.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

01 Apr 2009


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