Will model Kate Moss retain her crown as the world’s number one model or will Agnes Deyn take over? (Originally published on 4th April 2008)

Will model Kate Moss retain her crown as the world’s number one model or will Agnes Deyn take over?

Kate Moss – Born 16th January 1974 at Croydon UK

Kate Moss the current super model of the world has a Capricorn Sun as per the Vedic system, in fact all explanations in this article are based on Vedic astrology. Though Sun is in the territory of Saturn its enemy, as per the natural zodiac (Kaal Purush) Capricorn is in the tenth house and Sun posited there in is considered highly positive for professional success and fame.

Agyness Deyn – Born 16th February 1983 at Lancashire UK.

Others say she is born in 1986 too.

Agyness has Aquarius Sun. Its in the sign of gains and social upstanding. Though her Sun is in its enemy Saturn’s sign, Sun in Aquarius is considered good as it is in the eleventh sign of the Natural Zodiac (Kaal Purush).

Looking at both the horoscopes keeping the sun signs as ascendants, we have the following planetary positions for both

Planet Kate Agyness
Sun Capricorn Aquarius
Moon Libra Pisces
Mars Aries Aquarius
Mercury Capricorn Capricorn
Venus Capricorn Aquarius
Jupiter Capricorn Scorpio
Saturn Gemini Libra
Fortuna Scorpio Pisces

Ganesha observes that Budha the lord of the ninth house of Luck for Kate, as per her Sun sign horoscope, is combust as well as debilitated in the Navamsa chart, this does not at all sound good for her luck and career.

And what about Agyness? Well Sukra is the lord of her ninth house of career too, but it is not weak as Kate’s Budha is. More over Sukra is well placed in the ascendant of her sun sign horoscope and is in trine with her ascendant lord Shani, too.

So what does Ganesha see here? Yes you all got it right, with the transit of Shani to Libra, the crown as super model will move from Kate to Agyness, and that seems to happen after November 2011 and before November 2014.

Agyness, but needs to restraint from getting into negative publicity and try to be in the good books of the people, or she may have to leave the fashion industry mid way around Saturn’s transit through Scorpio between November 2014 and November 2015. Agyness also has a danger to her career between September 2009 and November 2011.

If Agyness survives these periods, then its all hunky dory for her.

Till then? Definitely Kate rules the fashion world.

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