Will Munnabhai’s magic work in politics? (Originally published on 27th March 2009)

Both in reel as well as real life, actor Sanjay Dutt has surprised everyone with his upfront honesty, despite every nasty thing he’s done. He chose to play the ‘baddie’ in some movies and clicked superbly with the audience. And, though his infamous conviction for possessing illegal arms prior to the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai earned him a six ­year jail term for complying with underworld goons, the much ­loved Munnabhai’s Gandhigiri won back his fans’ sympathy vote.

And now, contrary to his family’s legendary relations with the Congress party and his father, the late Sunil Dutt’s impressive stint as a Union minister in the Manmohan Singh Cabinet, apna Sanju Baba has gone ahead and decided to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Lucknow on a Samajwadi Party ticket. Sleeping with the enemy? Well, Sanjay doesn’t really care!

While the people of Lucknow are ecstatic that the Rocky star will be seen more often in their city, his sister Priya Dutt, a Congress MP from Mumbai, isn’t too pleased. Only election results will prove whether the actor’s decision to jump in the poll fray was a wise one or not.

For now, Sanjay has petitioned the Supreme Court to suspend his conviction so that he can contest the Lok Sabha elections. While the actor and SP await SC’s nod, Ganesha predicts how Sanjay will perform in politics – will he be a hit or a misfit?

Sanjay Dutt’s Birth Chart Details

DOB: 29th July, 1959

TOB: 15:29

POB: Mumbai

Will Munnabhai's magic work in politics_

Election Date: 30th April, 2009 (Lucknow)

Astro Analysis

Sun, the Lord of Sanjay’s 10th House of success, will be exalted but will remain square to natal Sun and inconjunct to natal Rahu as well as square to transiting Rahu. Moon, the Lord of his 9th house of bhagya and luck, will be 12th from its own House. Sanjay will be under the influence of Sun Antardasha in Guru Mahadasha during this period. Moreover, transiting Ketu will be passing over his natal Sun, and Shani, a natural malefic planet, will be passing over the degrees of his 10th House.


Progressed Sun will be in Kanya under the aspect of natal Shani and in approaching conjunction with natal as well as progressed Rahu. Progressed Sun, under the aspect of transiting Rahu, may make matters worse for Sanjay.

The actor will be passing through Kantaka Shani, and natal Chandra will be under the aspect of transiting Rahu, eclipsing his bhagya and luck.

Planetary transits in Sanjay’s chart make his natal destiny weak, so much so that he may lose the elections.


To summarise, Ganesha strongly advises Sanjay not to contest the general elections as he may lose in his chosen constituency. The only saving grace for the Vaastav star could be if his opponent has a weaker chart than him.

However, Ganesha wishes Sanju all the very best

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

NB: As predicted , actor Sanjay Dutt’s weak natal Destiny has even denied him entry into politics. With Supreme Court’s rejection on 31st March of Sanju’s plea to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Lucknow, Rikhav Khimasia has once again hit the bull’s eye!


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia