Will the US control over UN be over in 2009 (Originally published on 26th September 2008)

DOB 24th October 1945

TOB 1645

POB Washington DC


DOB 4th July 1776

TOB 10:21:30 AM

POB Philadelphia/Pennsylvania

Astro Analysis of the Reason

Notice that in the US progressed Horoscope as per the Siderial System, for the year 1945, when UN was established, Mangal, the lord of the eleventh house of institutions, clubs and societies is placed in the ninth house of bhagya and luck. UN definitely is a club and institution formed by membership of nations and it is the eleventh house of US progressed horoscope for 1945 and its lord in the ninth house of bhagya and luck indicates that not only UN but most of institutions it becomes a member of, will be in favour of US.

Now if we look at the position of Mangal, the lord of the progressed 11th house, in US’s natal horoscope it is in the eleventh house of laabh and gain as well as institutions and clubs, so again we can infer that natally too, US has more favour from the UN and thus may have more control over it.

Lets probe further, in the natal chart of UN, Sun, the significator of power, control and command is debilitated, indicating that the UN on its own is not powerful and may succumb to some nation or the other.

Guru the lord of the ascendant of UN is weak as it is in the descendant and is in enemy sign, thus again UN did not have the natal promise of being independent, but being controlled by some other nation. Guru on the other hand in the US natal chart is placed in the eleventh house again, indicating that US has more benefits from institutions.

Still going deeper notice that the lord of the tenth house of power and control of UN is also Guru, so that same story repeats as above additionally, the power of UN lies in the gains of US, as Guru is placed in the eleventh house of gains.

The last nail in the coffin of UN is that Ketu is placed in its tenth house, making it completely devoid of any power and authority of its own, making it unable to take decisions and action at its will.

All this means that one nation or may be a couple of nations seem to control UN, as per its destiny. On the other hand, when UN was formed the Allies were the world military powers and US was its leader, also US has more beneficial planetary position as regards UN and institutions in general as explained above, thus US seems to control the UN virtually as is experienced by many.

Astro Analysis of the present

That was all about why, now lets see whether the US control over UN will reduce in 2009.

Well the lord of the ascendant of UN progressed chart for 2008 is Budha who is placed in the sixth house and in sign Vrishchika, which is not conducive for the ascendant lord making it weak and ill posited to have strength. The lord of the tenth house of power and authority of the UN is inconjunct to its own house and is under the aspect of Mangal and Rahu, making that planet also weak and disturbed as well as afflicted. Thus it seems that UN may not be in a position to reduce any pressures or direct or indirect command over it.

Guru the lord of the eleventh house of societies, clubs and institutions is weak in US progressed chart for 2008 as it is in Gemini its enemy sign, moreover it is square to its own sign, which is considered not good as it may come in frictions with such institutions.

Sun the significator of power and authority is weak in US progressed chart of 2008, as it is in enemy sign, though in the tenth house. This means that Sun is not too weak, but weak, definitely.

Comparatively, the US planets are weaker than UN planets.


Thus Ganesha comes to the conclusion that the stage has set for the US to lose its said command and control over UN, in 2009, but if some one is looking for a clear cut prediction, Ganesha would say that US will not lose its control and command over UN.


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Rikhav Khimasia