Free fengshui tips

  1. First impressions are extremely important in the Feng-Shui. When you first walk into your residence, what is the first thing you about experience ? This will be one of the strongest filter that your subconscious mind will receive. It is important that what you first see is beautiful & enlightening, such as a painting, fountain or something visually elevating. This first impression can affect the overall feeling about how you feel about your space. Make that first eye contact a powerful & beautiful impression for yourself.
  2. In your office, you should always sit with a solid wall behind your back and as far from the gate as possible to have support from bosses, colleagues & friends. If you do not wish your manager to over power you then do not give him a solid wall behind his seat.
  3. Looking for better foreign contacts ? Put Globe on North West corner to get better overseas opportunities and rotate it atleast three times in a day in clockwise direction.
  4. If you wish to buy a new flat or house without consulting any Vaastu consultant, bring a ‘new born baby’ there. If she cry’s, it means the house does not have good feng shui. If she smile that means that house has good Feng-shui.
  5. Have name plate & number of your house on door. So that opportunities can trace you easily.
  6. Are you looking for a potential client ? Place your address book or planner on North West corner of the desk.
  7. Do not complain all the time as this will create sha chi(Negative Energy).
  8. Do you want to improve the energy level of house ? Ring the Tibetan bell for powerful energy in your house.
  9. Want to improve the study of your children ? Put Crystal on North East corner of the study table for excellent study of your children.10.) Do you want to retain the money in the house ? Put a 3 leg frog facing main door for better saving. Take care that back of the Frog face your main door.11.) Never accept money between two fingers, as this is seen as cutting image.
    Accept the money with five fingers.

    12.) Do not sleep on a double bed with two different mattress. This creates a symbolic separation that could become real.

    13.) Never sit with your back facing main door. Unwanted guest should be given such seat.

    14.) Want to improve marriage prospects ? Hang crystal & light in South West corner. Keep Rose Quartze in South West of your room.

    15.) Want to remain healthy ? Remove medicine from kitchen & shift to living room.

    16.) Never keep unrepaired instruments like watch, telephone, mixer, spoiled ball pens, cassettes etc. in the house. This will create negative energy in the house.

    17.) Check the door bell sound of your house. If it sounds irritating, family members will be short tempered. If it sounds dull voice, energy level of the house will be low. The door bell sound should be pleasing.

    18.) Want to improve the Sales ? Stick three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon on sales file or invoice book or order book.

    19.) Check if any marble or tile is broken in your house or office. This could result into broken relationship with family member or partner or customers. Put carpet to cover the broken marble/tiles or replace it.

    20.) Is there any tree facing your main door or window ? This could result into poor health of family members. Place convex mirror on the outer wall
    facing that tree.

    21.) Is your wife facing cervical problems, pain in leg and backache. This is due to her back facing at the entrance gate of the kitchen install a convex mirror in front of her so that she can see what is going on in her backside through the mirror.



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