Kangna Ranaut and Audrey Hepburn (originally published on 09 May 2009)

Kangna Ranaut and Audrey Hepburn (originally published on 09 May 2009)

Audrey Hepburn

DOB – 4th May 1929

TOB – 0300 AM

POB – Ixelles (Belgium)

Kangana Ranaut

DOB – 23rd March 1987

TOB – Unavailable (Surya Kundali)

POB – Mandi (Himachal Pradesh – India)

Astro Comparison

Lets talk about Sukra (Venus) the significator of feminity and charm, the Starter for the course on the Glamour World.

Sukra, is in Capricorn an Earth sign in Kangana’s chart. This makes her feminity more appealing to the males, it cannot be fragile.

In Audrey’s case, it is exalted as well as retrograde. An exalted Venus in a female is more desirable, providing her with a delicate feminity and looks. As it is retrograde too, she becomes more feminine and bears a very fragile beauty not as hard as what Kangana has, due to her Venus in Capricorn.

Taking this further, the dispositor of Kanagana’s Venus is Shani (Saturn) who being in a watery sign provides her with some softness to her Venusian looks and charm.

In Audrey’s case, it is Jupiter who becomes the dispositor of Venus. Here Jupiter is in its elemental sign Fiery sign, giving boost to her natal Venusian charm and feminity.

The fun and rather the keen ness of Kanagana to look and dress more like Audrey, happens because her Venus dispositor Saturn is in trine with her Sun sign lord Jupiter similar to Jupiter the dispositor of Audrey’s Venus being trine to her Mars, the lord of her Sun Sign. This the key to the whole issue, the reason for Kangana’s strong need to emulate Audrey.

Astro Analysis


Notice that Mars, the sun sign lord of Audrey, is weak as it is debilitated. A weak Sun Sign lord makes one less confident, in general. In this case, weak Mars has provided her with a more fragile face and beauty as she is not in a position to show confidence on her face and body language, this has rather added to her beauty and looks, making her look like a Baby Doll.

In Kangana’s chart, Jupiter, her Sun sign lord is in its own sign, making it strong and confident. Notice how Kanagana looks confident with her facial expressions and looks in general. The earthy tones of Saturn get more pronounced as she bears a confident look and expression.

The Prediction

Well, other than the similarity as above, its not possible for Kanagana to get into the skin of Audrey, who can?

She may be successful to give the audience an impression and rekindle the memories of Audrey to a certain extent.

Kangana unfortunately cannot be the modern day Audrey, in the complete sense, but definitely if you are able to accept the modern day needs of the audience.

Still she has the material, in her own way to be the modern day Audrey, is she can stick to her individuality.

Wishing her good luck

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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