Mercury retrograde (Originally published on 15 Feb 2006)

Mercury retrograde (Originally published on 15 Feb 2006)

Mercury rules matters of communication and learning, so when Mercury is traveling in retrograde motion, as it does several times a year, it is very common to have breakdowns in communication. Telephone systems break down, we experience machinery difficulties, negotiations get confused. Remembering that retrograde periods serve the purpose of causing us to examine those issues more deeply, it is important during Mercury retrograde periods to work harder to remember details, to explain clearly, and to put everything in writing where possible. We must be more conscious than usual and live fully in the moment in order not to miss the necessary details.

During retrograde periods, the planets may appear to be moving backwards from our perspective here on earth because astrology views the solar system from a geocentric (earth-centered) reference point. During these periods the energies symbolized by those planets tend to operate on a more unconscious level, and issues described by those planets (in the case of Mercury, communication) often need to be revisited and reflected upon. Unfinished business may crop up to be re-examined, we may find ourselves more introverted than we usually are. Often cell phones, email systems, and other technology break down during these periods. Contracts and negotiations can be difficult and there is a tendency towards misunderstanding between people. Mercury retrograde periods have their value and it’s not necessary to fear them, but it IS useful to be more careful than usual. If you’re going on vacation and it’s raining you don’t cancel your trip, but you will want to bring your raincoat and umbrella and it is the same here. If Mercury is retrograde in your chart, you may find life is easier because everyone is operating at the same frequency that you are. Otherwise, If you follow these precautions, you should be fine: Be sure any negotiations or agreements are in writing and clearly understood by all parties. If you are having trouble with equipment, be certain to follow all steps and read all instructions. Take advantage of the tendency to turn within to listen to your inner voice and guidance. Try not to be frustrated with delays that occur in getting answers to questions or results – realize that sometimes more attention to detail is required. Rest more and use your creative mind.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless you.


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