Karma – How and why does it work?

Karma – How and why does it work?

The most common standard definition of Karma is (tit for tat), (what you sow, so shall you reap), Nature’s law and many others. In my understanding, and I am a comon man, a very common layman, who has been through bitter and sweet times in life and have studied about 50000 horoscopes and more lives, I have not studied Geeta, Kuran, Bible, Vedas, Jainism, Buddhism, religion, Karma seems to be more complex than 2+2=4. Karma seems to be working on the level (tit & tit for tat), (what you sow, you shall reap more than so) and on a higher level, Karma of your elders, siblings, ancestors too have an influence on what you have in life now.

The best example is Hitler. We know who he was and what he did. The killings, torture, destruction of land and water fertility. The Amount of Karma he created is not limited to the pain and loss to those many individuals, he also caused pain and various losses to the dependants of those whom he killed, this too is added to his karma. Land made infertile by chemicals, bombings etc., caused loss of food for a couple of generations, this too is added to his Karma, not just the Karma of causing infertility to land, Karma multiplies. People working for him executed his orders, so they commited Karma for BREAD & BUTTER, now that as they say killed 1000 people, Hitler also added the Karma of

  1. Ordering those 1000 to be killed
  2. The Karma that each of his orderly added to his own life of killing those 1000 people.
  3. The loss and pain to say some odd 4000 people who were attached to the 1000 killed
  4. The loss and pain that the dependants of the orderlies of Hitler will go through because of enjoying and benefitting out of the job and wages of that orderly who executed Hitler’s orders.

Just imagine, the voluminous Karma Hitler added to his soul.

Now the question arises, from the logic and intelligence side, could it be the tit that Hitler gave to them for the tat these millions did with him in his earlier lives as a human, animal, plant etc? YES, its possible. One never knows at the time of thinking or executing  new Karma, whether this is a new account or closing of an old one.

But, in whichever the case maybe, we as HUMANS, have been gifted the power of CHOICE, the choice to commit the act or not, especially so, when we are in the position of power and authority and in the position of doing an act which may harm someone, here we can make the choice of not commiting harm to the other party (we still dont know whether by doing the harm to him/her we are closing the account which was opened in our earlier life by being harmed by that other party then). This choice adds more positive Karma to our soul, by 1. Closing the account (we still dont know whether there was any old account) but it gets closed

  1. Not opening a new negative one (remember, all new accounts are tit & tit for tat basis)
  2. Opening a new positive account (remember, all new accounts are tit & tit for tat basis) for ourselves and our dependants.

May be, this is why, we Indians pray to our ancestors too and perform various Pujas after their demise, to say thanks and express gratitude for all the good Karma they did or may have done.

Now we come to a higher level of argument. I am in the position of power and authority to commit a Karma which could harm someone or do good to that person, but if I choose not to act in a manner that he may be harmed I lose financially or otherwise and if I commit the act, it may gain me a lot. I lose either business or some other material benefit or wealth. Well, the argument stands, but my counter is, who knows, that by choosing not to harm the other one and yourself losing some, you are actually ensuring more goodies anf happiness for you and your dependants in the future? Unfortunately there is no hard rock evidence of this, but we may try to look at companies which have followed ethical practices in business, HR, employee care, payments, all have grown and have been steadily firm in bad times. The firms may have resigned from business, but the private lives of the ethical practitioners if you get a chance to observe, will be good, happy and content, with least misery and sorrow.

To understand more on Karma and its application in life after life, just observe closely, the lives of people nearby, in your neighbourhood, amogst relatives. People getting opportunities in life without working for them, people not getting opportunities despite working for them, being eligible.

You studied hard, passed the competitive exams, got the interview call, (till this point your or your ancestor’s good Karma worked by giving you the ability to study hard, remember the answers, performing well in exams etc.) but still you could not get the job because you failed appearing at the interview, why? You missed the train, bus, flight, or in the same city you reached late, because there was a traffic jam. Here, your or your ancestor’s bad Karma came into influence.

Another contender from your city, who did not or could not study hard, passed but with less grades, got an interview call though, because he was in the bracket of eligibility, was stuck in the jam, but by dint of good luck (past life or this life good Karma of his or his ancestors) noticed a small alley nearby, walked through it, circumvented the traffic jam and reached the interview location on time and despite being less eligible than you, got the job.

After a few weeks you appear for another competitive exam, pass with marginal grades as you did not perform well, get an interview call but your rank is the last, reach the location, pass the interview and get a job, a job better than the last one you lost due to the traffic jam, (good karma of yours or your ancestors of this life or previous one in operation?)

Good Karma = success/happines through good ideas, good opportunities, right time, right place despite being disadvantaged in some form or other, like, education, working capital, experience, other resources etc.

Bad Karma = failure/unhappiness though having all or none or one of (good ideas, good opportunities, right time, right place and not being disadvantaged too) through sheer minuscule events. OR not getting good ideas, good opportunities, right time, right place despite having all the advantages of life like Ivy League education, fnance, contacts etc.

I had a paralytic stroke at 37, rendered unemployable and had other problems in life too, it is at that point of time, when I started to think, reason, observe, ask myself and debate with myself, why me? Earlier too, with my first divorce, I was introduced to the concept of Karma, which helped me recover fast from the depression of the divorce and go ahead with fighting with life’s various issues, but the paralytic stroke, its reasons and its results, prompted me to look back in my life, when I started understanding, Karma in more detail and what it could be. I am still in the process of understanding Karma alongwith practicing Karmic Astrology, but the above is what I could express, for the benefit of people.


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia