(Sequel 2) Karma – How and why does it work? – 2

Karma – How and why does it work? – 2

Karma can be accumulated in many ways as follows

  1. Purposefully proactively doing an action
  2. Commiting an action in response or as reaction
  3. Supporting someone actively or passively in doing an action with yourself being in full knowledge
  4. Supporting someone actively or passively in doing an action knowingly
  5. By being a willing or unwilling witness to an action which you could stop or reduce the impact by intervention
  6. Not performing one’s duties and responsibilities
  7. Delaying of one’s duties and responsibilities
  8. Intervening of hindering someone in conducting one’s responsibilities
  9. Karma can be done not only physically but mentally as well as verbally too, directly or indirectly through others, actively or passively.

One thus needs to be aware, continuously aware of deeds, thoughts and speech.

The highest form of Karma is telling a victim that what one is going through is his/her bad karma. Telling such things is Karmic because how would you know that it is his/her bad Karma that s/he is going through bad times? Its like salt over injury.

What to do when you realise that you or your elders/ancestors have committed Karma?

  1. Accept it as new Karma
  2. Take responsibility of it
  3. Be open to go through what ever will come out as a result of it
  4. Repent
  5. Pray
  6. Pray for the victim/s
  7. Undo it as much as possible

This way, if it is new Karma, one will be able to erase it and if it is an old account, you will infact be rewarded many times in many ways, because in this process you have started doing good karma.

One then comes to a question-If I continuously do good Karma in this highly materialistic world, wont my kids rebuke me? Wont my near and dear ones taunt me? How will my family survive? – Well the point is right, but thats where exactly, the CHOICE of and importance of Karma comes up, slip once and keep on slipping over and over collecting bad Karma all the way. At such points in life, at such crisis situations, follow nature’s law and without stooping in your character or goodwill, keep on facing the tough times. (who knows those tough times are the result of your already bad Karma of the same incarnation or a previous one or of your elders/ancestors?). Just think, past bad Karma brought on you difficult times, now when you proactively do one or more bad Karma to solve the current troubles, you have not ended your past bad Karma, its results are going to come up more severely in this or next life time and you have now added more bad Karma by one more act.

Such chain Karma are the results we see in many people’s lives, full of troubles, sickness, poverty, sorrow, despair, one by one coming up in a never ending line.

So what should one do? Face it and fight it, stand up to ethics and help will be round the corner from unsuspecting quarters, the Mantra is fight with ethics. I have experienced it many a times in my life, I believe in it, I live by it. Keep on forgiving the oppressors too, this way you will cleanse your Karma very fast and finally you will ensure for yourself a clean book, no sorrow in the future lives.

Dont worry about what family members will think, they will learn from you automatically, some day, based on their own levels and learnings of the life times they have been through. Everybody will learn this, the choice is, to learn it the hardway through experiencing many life times or through awareness and choice.

Rikhav Khimasia


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