Karma, Astrology and remedies

Karma, Astrology and remedies


On reading my earlier two amateurish articles on Karma, I received queries like, then why is there astrology? Why are these remedies of various kinds in astrology and religion. If Karma works, and it decide your future, your life and its turns and twists and doing Karma is a matter of choice, then can prayers and astrology and gem remedies, mantra, tantra, yantra, belief, faith, law of attraction, positive thinking etc., work?


Yes and No, its a case to case basis and again subject to new additional Karma.


Prayers, belief, faith, positive thinking, law of attraction, may work, I have seen in many cases, NOT all, but I noticed that these people prayed and believed, had faith and positive thinking etc., with full pure devotion and had started doing good karma too, repented on their past actions, started correcting the wrongs they or their elders had done. Just prayers, or rituals or anything else without all these have not been observed to work.


There is another set of people who use negative oriented mantras, yantras and tantra (kind of black magic, voodoo etc.) People who use these systems build up new negative bad Karma, for they neither do good karma, nor accept their own past Karma and also actually harm the other party with this black magic. Its like, you owe 100000, to someone, but also need 50000 immediately for something really important in life, the creditor comes to you with police in tow, now you could either give him 50000 saying I need 50000 for this very important thing, please forgive for now and I will repay later, you could have given back all the 100000 and faced the loss of that important event or need. You but chose to run away with the 100000, which your creditor needed most urgently and without which his loss could have been more than yours. Now, you owe him 100000, a police case, loss that the creditor suffered by not receiving his money on time. You definitely solved your two problems, but added more Karma.


Now, the fun is, everytime (birth after birth) you do this tactic (black magic, mantras, tantra, yantra etc), the creditor will learn a lot of your tactics and one day come with enough police force surrounding your house with aerial watching too and come upon you so suddenly, while he himself so well planned with all backup that now you cant escape it at all and have to repay for everything as explained earlier.


Astrology can work, it can tell you the possible problem, the duration you will experience it and remedies like gems, positive mantras and yantras, prayers and deities to pray too. But these remedies statically on their own do not help, you have to start doing good karma in all aspects of life, change thinking, attitude etc. Note, these remedies suggested my astrologers cannot change the destiny or situation, they help you create a mindset towards it, create opportunities, which you will be able to see, observe and use when you also start doing good karma with positive change in thought, speech, attitude.


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