A lesson from the Financial Surgical Strike aka 9/11/2016

A lesson from the Financial Surgical Strike aka 9/11/2016


Nobody knows whether this was to face the counterfiet money issue, black money of govt officers, politicians, large businessmen, hoarders, satta operators, hawala agents, or the small businessmen.


One thing is sure, small and medium businessmen, industrialists professionals  and the like, are hit the most. The black money they have/had, funds the charities that support army welfare, army widows, natural disasters and such other calamities where the common man of India suffers at the most. The black money they have is what the Indian economy runs on, it supports employment, self employment, the spinal cord of INDIA. By blocking that money Modi has made life very difficult, not only for them but for the general public as well.


Another point, why would a small businessman or large industrialist have 10 lakhs to 1 crore or 10 crore of unaccounted money? Because may be, to survive as a business man and industrialist and be able to function well, they require that money for oiling the system. Does Modiji think, that the system will stop asking for that oil? The need of the day was to stop corruption by a master stroke, by arresting and punishing a few thousands at one go, by strengthening the whistle blowers and ACB.


Govt officials, small time politicians extra large businessmen and such others do not keep this huge cash, they are always invested in real estate/gold/NSC and the like, for them this is just a small pinch, also they will continue in their unholy ways and means and find out some other way than accepting cash, so my dear common man, Modi’s such step is almost useless, corruption is going to continue and your and my pain will increase.


Lesson for the ones who stand to lose their money.


That money was lying with us, useless, it was of no benefit to our needy relatives, really needy relatives, neither was it of any use to other needy people, also we were also not using that money, we just stored a huge amount for the rainy day which could come anytime in the future, but for the small rational amount that we would need, the rest was useless, so the useless money is officially made useless by modi. We will all get over this pain sooner or later and will again start making that unofficial heap, but we should learn from this, that more important is, the illegal money we have has come from crime(sin) and now that money we could or cannot even use it, forget for charity, not even for pleasure!!! What a parody. So lets make it a lesson learnt, that the new times when we again have a bundle not useful for us, lets make it useful for others, at least.




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