Rourkela – Vaastu Analysis

Rourkela – Vaastu Analysis

Good Points

  1. Koel River to the North +ve
  2. RSP to the SE +ve (continuously feeds the city)
  3. Industrial Township to the south +ve
  4. Extended NE +ve
  5. Northern part of the city is more open, than the southern part +ve
  6. The rich and the affluent living in the South and SW very +ve

Bad Points

  1. Brahmani River in the West –ve
  2. NW of the city has water (Koel meeting Brahmani in the West) –ve
  3. Major Commercial activity (Main Road) in the south –ve
  4. Hanuman Vatika in the SW of the city very very –ve
  5. Staff of RSP living in the NE of the city –ve
  6. Entry to the city (Railway Station main entrance) is in the South –ve
  7. Main Entrance of the railway station face south –ve


Though the –ve versus +ve is almost balanced, the –ve factors are too evil for the energy flow in and around the city, making its growth very slow.

Another point to note is that I have observed a concentration of Shani & Hanuman Mandir, which may have come up looking to the fact that Iron and steel are ruled by these Gods, but it needs to be noted that These same Gods signify depression, slowness and delay, especially Shani dev, the main significator of Iron and Steel. The city needs more temples related to aggressive Gods like Shiv, Ganesha, Vishnu, Brahma, Venus.

Based on the shown map.rourkela-city-map

Wishing Rourkela and us Rourkelites, all the best.

Rikhav Khimasia




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