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Hi folks, Nowadays, many astrology sites put up free Ashtakoot Matching and free Mangal dosha reports on their sites, some now have apps as well. Its definitely a good gesture, but the question arises, if it is FREE, does it have value? If it would have been valuable, why is it free?


Well I leave that to you. My only concern is, that how can we decide on marrying based on a free matching service?


Well, my paid Marriage Compatibility matching is something like the following.


ABC & XYZ Couple analysis + Ashtakoot + Kundali matching + Mangal Dosha + (Final Advise)




ABC you are born in Makar Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) whose lord Shani is in placed in the ninth house.


Your birth star (Nakshatra) is Rohini 2nd Pada.


Chandra, Rahu and Ketu are exalted and Budha is Swagruhi.


No other planet in your horoscope, is either exalted, debilitated, swagruhi, combust or retrograde.


Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde.


Sun and Moon are always direct.


XYZ is born in Karka Lagna (Cancer Ascendant) whose lord Chandra is in the ascendant itself.


His birth star (Nakshatra) is Ashlesha 3rd Pada.


Chnadra is Swagruhi, Sukra is combust, Mangal, Guru and Shani are retrograde and Mangal is debilitated too.


No other planet in his horoscope, is either exalted, debilitated, swagruhi, combust or retrograde.


Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde.


Sun and Moon are always direct.


On studying and deliberating on your horoscopes, their divisional charts, as well as their dashas, Ganesha feels that, you may have the following kind of emotions about each other and may have the under mentioned requirements in the marriage. You are advised to use this information for a happier and sweeter life and adjust accordingly.




ABC you are outgoing and communicative, seeking mental stimulation in love relationships. XYZ, is equally socially and intellectually inclined. There is a mutual understanding here, but a distinct lack of possessiveness which may mean that bonding is difficult.


XYZ is a charismatic and strong-willed person, with a strong need for self-expression through sexuality. ABC, you are also an outgoing person, and have an equally strong tendency to get romantically involved as XYZ. If both of you choose to use your considerable charms on each other, then this is a very romantic combination with many refined pleasures. ABC you are wise enough to let XYZ rule the roost.


ABC, you have a very different temperament to XYZ,. Where you are very emotional, XYZ is dry and can be very distant. You are a home-builder, whilst XYZ likes to get out and meet friends. You are possessive, XYZ quite the opposite. Obviously there is the potential for hurt feelings here unless proper consideration is taken.


ABC you are intuitive and sensitive, with a deep mental empathy and understanding of the needs of others. XYZ, shares many of the same mental values of yours ABC, although he is more practically inclined and more concerned with how to use talents to attain advancement. This is the meeting of intuition with logic.


ABC you have a strong need to socialise, make contact with others, and live in the world of ideas. XYZ, needs attention and respect to feel happy. As both have a great sense of fun, you may communicate well. The flirtatious nature of XYZ on social occasions hardly worries you ABC, who are far too busy meeting people. In discussions XYZ tends to stand on his dignity and take himself too seriously, to your puzzlement ABC.


ABC you are looking for a partner who can provide a secure base, a cosy family environment and emotional support. You need a caring person to come home to. XYZ, is looking for untraditional qualities in the partner and the spirit of freedom. This does not correspond so well with the need for security which you have ABC.


The Harmony to Disharmony ratio is 57:64


On studying and deliberating on your horoscopes, their divisional charts, as well as your dashas, Ganesha observes the following.




With just 33% matching of the Gunas, the match primarily has no chance of success and happiness.




Additionally the individual study of the horoscopes and the matching of the planets indicate the following observations, as noted by Ganesha.


The ratio of the Ascendants is 5:9, there will be a lot of love and luck for and from each other after marriage.


Your Moon sign is xxxxxxx and hers is xxxxxxxxx, the ratio of the moons is 2:12, indicating a lack of mental and emotional affinity for each other.


As her Mangal and your Sukra are in conjunction with each other by sign (both are in xxxxxxxx) and as your Mangal aspects her Sukra by house there will be a mutually strong physical attraction as well as sex will be mostly mutually enjoyed and satisfactory with each other.


As your and her Sukra are in a 4:10 ratio to each other, the romanticism or romantic nature, attitude, aptitude and choices will be at a friction point, whereby you may actually detest each other’s romanticism.


Both of you have the same Nadi Aadhya, this forms Nadi Dosha, which indicates problems and delays regarding child birth.


Budha, the lord of your fifth house of kids is in the twelfth house of losses, in conjunction with Mangal and Surya, two evil planets, under the aspect of Ketu and Shani two more evil planets, in conjunction with Guru one good planet, your scopes of being a parent are almost to nill.


Shani, the lord of her fifth house of kids is retrograde and in the twelfth house of losses whereas Mangal and Rahu aspect her fifth house, thus her chances of becoming a mother are also very less.


Mahaveer here would caution that though the kids point is too weak in your charts, both of you may get medical examination in this regards, before marriage (if you choose to marry each other or someone else) and take curative as well as preventive measures accordingly.


Mangal/Kuja Dosha


You have Mangal in the twelfth house which does form Mangal/Kuja Dosha on your part.


She does not have Mangal Dosha at all.


The Effect of your Mangal/Kuja Dosha:

In the twelfth house, Mangal will aspect the seventh house of marriage and as it is in the twelfth house of bed comforts and sex too, one may be highly active in sexual activity and hamper the marriage home due to frivolous sexual demands and activity.


Your Mangal Dosha gets naturally nullified/cancelled due to the following:


Mangal is in conjunction with Guru (Jupiter) as Guru is a wise man, it propitiates Mangal.


When one crosses the age of 28, Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha gets naturally nullified as by that time one naturally gets more matured about one’s anger and temperament.


The prospective bride has Shani in the 12th house, your Mangal/Kuja Dosha gets nullified, because Shani, is the opposite of Mangal, it is cold and practical and so can handle the temperament of Mangal.


Final Note


Summarily, Mahaveer finds that the match is about average, and if you are ready to rectify the child birth problem through medical aid, you may go ahead with the marriage.


You can get Nadi Dosha Shanti done by a competent Brahmin at the time of marriage if possible, otherwise immediately after the marriage.


Mahaveer’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

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