Results of Saturn turning Direct on 25th August 2017

Saturn the most feared planet, in India, turns direct from its retrograde motion on 25th August 2017 in sign Scorpio (Vrishchika) at 27 degrees.


Retrogression of a planet means, its daily motion in comparison to Earth, has slowed down. Direct motion from retrogression means the planet is now picking up speed and is nearing the Sun.


Now, what does this mean to people?


The first thing, all those who had a retrograde Saturn in their birth charts have an end to the possible good times they had during the retrogression of Saturn for 141 days from April 2017.


Direct Saturn will start healing you from the Karmic burden and pain you all had been going through in your lives for the last 141 days. You paid your past life Karmic debts or this life Karmic debts, during retrogression and the pain that caused will be now healed. You will all get opportunities to justify the good and bad you experienced during Saturn retrograde. Everyone can look up to a very pleasant future in matters regarding to the houses Saturn in posited in your charts during its transit.


Ascendant-Lagna wise you may expect release of past Karmic debts and favourable results regarding


Aries: inheritances, joint finances, sexual troubles


Taurus: marriage, income, public image


Gemini: Job, enemies, court matters diseases


Cancer: Education, children, stomach disorders, creativity


Leo: Heart, mother, landed property, vehicles, domestic life


Virgo: travelling, communication, siblings, efforts


Libra: Investments, family matters, speech


Scorpio: Self understanding, esteem, image, ego


Sagittarius: Hospitalization, losses, feet soles. Leg issues


Capricorn: Friends, society, gains


Aquarius: Career growth, father, authority


Pisces: travelling, religious beliefs, luck and fortune.


The above predictions may change depending on the degrees of your ascendant and aspects that Saturn makes to natal planets, as well as the dashas you are going through at this time.


Natal Planets on 27degrees and nearby forming square, trine, opposition, sextile or conjunction with the direct Saturn on 25th August will help decide whether its the time to expect the fruits of your Karma in a positive manner or whether its just release of the pain and its healing.


In the corporate world we can consider good times for industries especially and then traders etc. Related to mines, metals, iron, junk, research in metallurgy, ice, cold storages, tubers and roots, oils of all kinds especially crude oil, edible oil from oil seeds, grease, engine oils, to have good times.


Companies and stocks related to the above and mechanics, infrastructure, construction, land, realty, housing can find themselves looking at an optimistic future , depending though on other factors like policies, past business, current status, other planets etc., but those who had prepared well, ought to look at a nice wonderful time.


Companies and households facing labour problems, HR issues will also be able to find ways out to solve their problems.


Wishing you all good luck and may God bless you.



Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia