Sequel to The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.

Sequel to The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness.

I received some queries after I published the above article, so I thought it wise to write down and publish for the benefit of all.


  1. What to do if the main entrance is not as per the horoscope?


For many who have already bought or rented houses not according to their Ascendants, as per earlier article (The Myth and fallacy of East facing houses and shops for success and happiness),

they have some options like


  • Moving to a house as per the ascendant
  • At least get checked, whether astrologically, it is facing a supportive or friendly direction
  • Get Vaastu rectification of Main door moving to the correct direction
  • Get a Pyra Vaastu rectification done


My services as an astrologer and pyra vaastu practitioner in Rourkela, are available, do consult me in case you NEED to stop the negative influences of wrong direction, wrong vaastu of your house/shop/factory/plot.


  1. Does only the vaastu of your house you live in, influence you and your family?


No, primarily all vaastus owned or rented by all family members have their own influences on the head of the family and the family. This is in general. Then Vaastus used by whichever family member/s has a more profound influence on them. Thus it is highly necessary to have all Vaastus checked owned by the family or its members (if it is a joint family).


  1. What happens, if one vaastu is good and the other is bad?


It depends on the %of goodness and badness as well as the astrological time and horoscope of the head of the family and its members.


  1. All the Vaastus I own and use have perfect vaastu and/or rectified using IChing, FengShui, Pyramids, Pujas, Yantras, colours etc., all that I learned from books, mags, newpapers, TV, Internet, FB, WhatsApp et. Etc., still I face some or the other, small or big problem, time and again. Why?


  1. The first thing is, if you could help yourself in that manner, then why and what are we consultants for? It is not that these vehicles of information are giving wrong info, but at times it can be half baked knowledge, or assuming you know the basics or all basics they may have provided genuine info. Kindly refrain from saving a few thousand rupees as fees and do not get into deep trouble.
  2. At times, your horoscope is bad, very bad or a few of the family members are running through a bad time.
  3. Many a times, if you have been owning and/or using negative vaastu for a longtime and then have really done a good genuine makeover of your vaastus, it takes a longtime for the influences of positive vaastu to first eradicate negative influences that have seeped in, then it starts piling over the positive influences in your aura, conscience etc., you need to wait.
  4. Note that, it is not that problems do not come in positive vaastu and/or horoscope. You need to note the intensity of the problem, could it have been worse? Did you get out of it without any kind of loss(financial, emotional, social, etc.)? If you get out of the soup unscathed or with very less loss than anticipated, you are getting the benefits of positive vaastu.


  1. Majority of my Vaastus are bad but I still have a gala time, all over. How is that?


Cause you have a very strong horoscope and consecutive periods of good times in family member horoscopes, but do keep in mind, the negative vaastu is seeping in, in your aura, your conscience, your life. The moment good horoscope converts into bad horoscope, you may start facing trouble. So please be safe.


More later, friends.


Rikkhav Khimasia

Astrology & PyraVaastu


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