Real Life example of Astro-Vaastu combination which helped a childless couple.

Real Life example of Astro-Vaastu combination which helped a childless couple.


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Dear readers, a few of my friends and relatives who knew a common mutual family, asked me, how that person got a child and that too male issue when NE and EN of that person’s house was cut (cut means, that corner was missing). Over and above, the person’s in-laws house too had a disturbed NE and EN, loaded with staircase. The in-laws definitely did not have any male issues.


Well, allow me to explain.


NE and EN of the male’s house was cut, indicating difficulties to the male child and no male birth to the existing male child.


The Male had a strong powerful exalted Fifth house lord, in the ascendant, with the fifth house and the ascendant being under the aspect of Jupiter, a benevolent planet. Thus, the male in his destiny definitely had children, if not male issues.


So what will work and how, the vaastu or the horoscope? The male himself an astrologer, could not rectify the vaastu in any case while he did not believe in astral remedies, but KARMA, in that case, the curiosity become stronger why and how he could have a child and that too a son.


So here goes,

  1. His natal destiny was strong as per his horoscope.
  2. His spouse astrologically got a NE strong and powerful with placement of the lord of the third house (NE), strongly placed by being Swagruhi in the third house.
  3. Mercury as the lord of his third house (NE) is placed in the 12th house, (ES) in sign of Jupiter. Jupiter in Vaastu signifies NE.
  4. This Jupiter aspects the third house of the male.
  5. Coming back to the lady’s horoscope, Mars as the lord of the third house (NE) aspects her natal Saturn in her horoscope, where, Saturn is the lord of her fifth house of kids, and the same Saturn aspects her natal Mars in her horoscope. (both planets Mars and Sun), signifying kids as per vaastu and horoscope are supporting the NE and the child birth front.
  6. Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, in the male horoscope and vaastu also support each other to have kids and automatically rectify the CUT NE of the male’s horoscope, giving them a son in time.


This is how, many a times negative vaastu is overshadowed by astrology/horoscopy.


These two sciences can thus be profitably used to one’s benefit.

Rikkhav Khimasia

Astrologer-Pyra Vaastu


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia

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