Vastu guidelines for industrial groups to establish SEZ/Industrial Park

Vastu guidelines for industrial groups to establish SEZ/Industrial Park



The shape of the site may be rectangular or square. If the shape of the site is different, it needs to be corrected nearer to rectangular or square. The segregated land can be used to create green belt.



It is desirable to have the site with natural slope from west to east or south to north. The site may be corrected in such a way that the south-west area is of higher level. North-west area and south-east area may be equal in level. The north-east area may be on the lowest level.

The central area (Brahmasthan) may be flat in level. It should not be lower or higher in level. Further the central area should not have water or heat.


3.Magnetic Alignment

Site with perfect magnetic alignment will ensure prosperity and growth. There is no need to worry if the deviation is within ten degree. In many sites, the magnetic variation is about 45°. In such a site the compass needle will share a corner as north instead of a side. The defect in magnetic alignment may be compensated by proper placements according to true north.



East facing site will be very good and may be easier to make the building plan as per vastusastra.


North facing site also may be equally good. South facing and west facing sites may be made good by initiating proper building plan or rectification with No/Least physical changes.


Interior roads may be planned carefully. It is desirable to have roads on all the four sides of the site. Cross roads may be planned on straight lines according to magnetic north.



In SEZ allocation of zones should be done very carefully. The central area of the SEZ may be kept free. The area may be maintained as garden or central circle for the whole area.


All the four corners may be kept open to sky. North-east zone may have underground water bodies like pond, pool, well, bore wells, sump etc. Lightweight industries can be located in the north-east area. Software buildings can be located in this area.


South-east area may be allotted to heat based industries or chemical industries.


South zone may be allotted to heavy industries. West zone may be allotted to ancillary industries.


North-west area may be allotted to warehouses.


6.Lay-out plan

The layout plan for each individual industry/factory should be planned carefully as per vastusastra for the overall success of the special economic zone / Industrial Park.


To rectify without any physical changes


for any other issue of non alignment per Vaastu,


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