Examples and effects of some Non-Vaastu compliant buildings

Examples and effects of some Non-Vaastu compliant buildings

Following are few diagrams which show a few of the possible many Non-Vaastu compliant structures one may own, use, reside, do trade, commerce or manufacturing in.

These plots or buildings may be for residence, shop, factory, godown, mall, supermarket etc.,

Kindly check and confirm what has followed in life, business, etc. after you or your relatives have started using these defective structures.

These are just, but a very few of non compliant structures, then there are nonVaastu compliant structures from the inside itself, with wrong placement of utilities and rooms within the house, office, shop, factory.

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Vaastu compliance is highly necessary in these days of rat race, modern times where success matters the most.

Many problems in life can be solved by Vastu compliance or rectification done by a proper expert, the results may take time to come up depending on the depth on the problem based on how long one has been living there, the vastu of the other structures one is expose to in daily life. One usually uses two vastu at least in life (house & office/shop/factory/godown). The Vastu of properties owned by one. Whether in use or not, also influences your problems.

As for example read my following article.

Real Life example of Astro-Vaastu combination.

Diagnosis of Vaastu compliance nowadays has become very easy, most people do it on their own, good, it is very good, still issues persist in life, this happens, because there are many intricate things in Vaastu readings and in rectification of the same that despite one knowing vaastu and following free remedies suggested on the net, whatsapp and books, people face troubles.

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