Astrology Secrets hidden by most astrologers.

Astrology is quiet an intricate matter and to truly look into your horoscope and life path, nothing substitutes a face to face personal discussion with an astrologer. It can be in person or over the phone.


Asking questions through email with no facility or flexibility to discuss options, or no possibility of you being able to explore the possibilities, affirm, confirm, negate, give your personal choices may or may not be fruitful and might not get you the best possible suggestion.


Though, there are certain important transits of planets that happen in general all over the world and to us all at certain times that we can be attentive to, well ahead of time – but often many astrologers don’t want you to know about them. This certainly beats the basic intention of astrology, and which is the knowledge to be used by everyone.

Here I Rikhav Khimasia give you some Astro Secrets which can really save you a lot of trouble, in fact some even may benefit out of this.


1: Under no circumstances should you purchase or bring home and install any phone/computer/modem/printer/photocopier, or make travel arrangements, or sign a contract, or launch a website, nor publish a book, or start a magazine, open a shop or begin anything to do with communication when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury stands for communication.

You can know this on any astronomy site.


2: Every 12-13 years of your life – from age 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and onwards, you will have luck in one area of your life – usually the same one.

Its like History repeating itself.

This is your personal Jupiter return, when it comes to its same position as it was at birth.

Depending on how old you are now, you may look back into history at what had happened around these times.


3: You will feel a bit stressed, depressed, and irritated when your ascendant lord/Sun Sign lord/Moon sign lord is retrograde or combust. Its not a good time to take any major decision.


4: In days around the eclipses, visible at your place or not, better not to take any decision 5 days before and after the eclipse as Sun/Moon is in tight conjunction with Rahu and Ketu leaving these most important luminaries of life, impotent to give strength to any positive influence to the decision.

One may not get expected results when decisions are made during this period.


5: Venus retrograde is also available on astronomy sites. Whenever it is retrograde avoid anything related to marriage, romance or love, matters usually backfire on these matters when executed during Venus retrograde.


6: Never decide on, nor discuss nor initiate new things in your life when Moon is Void of Course, to know more about Moon Void of Course click of the following link.


7: If you know from your horoscope or any astrologer or any astronomy website which planet is retrograde in your natal birth chart/horoscope, especially whether it is the lord of your ascendant or fifth house or ninth house, then whenever in its transit, such a planet becomes retrograde, you can experience a heavy flow of luck and should take major decisions at that time.


As I said, the Solar system is a big and complex timepiece and the planets therein are in continuous motion, always orbiting and thus making continuous contacts in our birthcharts and various combinations with the planets in the birth charts brining us new experiences in life, giving us choices and thereby fructifying our Karma. By knowing in advance what is coming up we can use the planetary forces for more effective life management.

Regards and good luck

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia