Why do astrology remedies do not give results?

Why do astrology remedies do not give results?

The drawing room clock is broken since more than a month. Many scholars, especially the TV scholars, those who come on TV shows everyday, who have to tell something to the audience asking any kind of question, as the TV Astrologer/scholar is paid for it or has paid to the channel for the show, say this is very unlucky (broken clock, slow clock, fast clock, stopped clock). It is important to tell those Scholars of astrology on TV, that health, family, financial status … in every case this month was very good. I never found ill luck in this month while the clock was broken.

And believe me, people believe such gibberish, garbage.

Astrology is a horoscope based knowledge stream and it does not give importance to such tricks.

Until one-and-a-half lakhs are not spent on Pujas, havans etc by the astrologer (actually the Karma Kaandi pandit) or one-half lakh of gems are not sold to the client through some fear inciting YOGA from the horoscope or till death like sufferings are not foretold, the man does not believe that astrologer is a wise person.

Actually astrology has become a profession of selling remedies, not applying LOGIC to ASTRONOMY, just because of the psyche of the common man, the major populace.

Well, this is the true picture today, it was not so a few decades back.

People have actually started believing such strange weird remedies and unless an astrologer does not give such weird and free remedies people do not believe that the astrologer is knowledgeable and worth the fees. OR its the other way round, prescribe a costly remedy of about 50K or 100K like a Havan or Puja or Yagya or costly gems and yantras etc.

With this mentality making the rounds, good astrologers and good astrology, is deleting fast.

Secondly, clients usually negotiate with astrologers, in such cases the feeling and emotion of the astrologer for the good of the client dries up, he just gives a remedy for the sake of giving a remedy, without any feeling adjoined with it wishing the good of the client.

I wonder what is the value of the benefit that the client seeks from the astrologer and the remedy? Is it not priceless? Then why negotiate? Instead pay the fees in advance, hear whatever the astrologer has to say and discuss with him and while leaving, irrespective of whether you are happy with the delineation / prediction / advise / suggestion / remedy, thank him/her with your heart and pay something more as well. This approach usually works wonders and sometimes defies the prediction of the astrologer.

BUT when the client negotiates, is unhappy with the prediction, argues with the advise, remedy, suggestion and does not thank from the heart, matters get worse.

What then happens after the remedy is given/suggested/advised by the astrologer, considering that he has advised happily.

The Mantra Jaap (recitation) done by the client should come from the heart, with emotions of his Karmic cleansing and visualising the benefit happening. E.g., someone is given the Mantra Om Bhomaay Namah (I bow to Mars). So when s/he is reciting that mantra, one should be in the mental state of reverence towards Mars, feeling the negative Martian energies leaving one’s aura, body, horoscope and feeling as well as visualising positive Martian energies entering one’s aura and body blessing one with Martian goodness.

The trick here lies in asking your astrologer what needs to be expected from the Mantra, then visualize accordingly.

In the Mantra Jaap, mechanisation should not be present, like while you are reciting the mantras you should not be moving or doing other things.

Never recite Mantras blindly, especially ones given in books, periodicals, newspapers, internet, apps etc.., even if it is given by astrologer, pandit etc., always recite mantras suggested y your astrologer whom you have consulted and whom you have paid for it.

There are a lot other rules to follow.

In case of donations (daan) of a particular item for a planet, this again should be with a feeling of Karmic cleansing and thanking the receiver of accepting the same for your benefit.

The daan should be useful  to the one who receives, quantity and quality wise.

The Homam, Havan, Yagya should be done with reverence to the gods, the pandit who is performing it, give him his fees/dakshina a few days in advance, being respectful to him and all. The pundits performing the Yagya should have a regular daily diet of vegetarian food, not be consuming tobacco, paan, cigarettes, alcohol etc., should be clean and performing trikaal Sandhya in daily life etc. The pandit should NOT be doing these activities when sick or ill or being tensed for his own problems at that point of time at least.

All the above points when not present, the prescribed astrological remedies will not work.

Further, expecting destiny defying results, only material benefits, not feeling responsible for one’s problems, not putting in the required effort that is needed in solving the problem but just relying on the remedy will not work, not give results.

Now moving to gems, they need to be of positive energy, good quality etc.

Should be worn on typical days only, removed at certain times, cleansed at intervals etc. Energized too for the first time, energized regularly as well.

Going ahead, we come to Yantras (those short small  large pieces of metal with strange designs and mantras embossed or engraved on them). Nowadays they are made on machines with dies.

There actually is a system to be followed in making them, a step by step process, they cannot be made like pressing a piece of metal with a die of the design. There are prayrs and proper vidhi to draw and etch them, with prayers given before and after.

Then each Yantra has to energized/attuned and personalized as well with a typical number of Mantra jaaps and offerings of items to it.

Nobody follows these routines, neither the sellers nor practitioners and the common man i.e you and me are fully ignorant of such procedures

This is why Astrological remedies do not work in most cases, and where they work is actually a Chamatkaar/Magic.

With God’s Grace

RiKKhav Khimasia


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